Hi, I’m Calise and I love people!  aLBoP is a personality typing site all about celebrating people and giving them permission to shine as the person they already are, while at the same time becoming the person they really want to be.

Too many people turn personality typing and psychology into a way to put people into boxes, like jock, geek, loud, shy, practical or sweet.  Instead, aLBoP’s intent is to use real, applicable psychology in order to help you be anything you want to be, by using your strengths and the things you love innately in order to overcome your weaknesses and help you in the areas in which you struggle, so that no goal, skill or mastery is out of your reach.

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Cognition – The Super Simple Series!


Part 1: Cognition and the Four Types of Information


Part 2: The Four Functions


Part 3: Cognition Steps and
the Anatomy of the Cognition Process

Part 4: Function-Combinations


Part 5: Assembling the Cognition Process

The Dictionary Posts


What Do All These Letters Mean Anyway?


Type Specializations


The Cognition Process in Stick Figures

How to Type


Typing Tutorial


What If I’m Not the Type I Thought I Was?

The Types!


Cognition Orientation Guidebooks (COGs)




Type Heroes


Type Angsts

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