Monday, November 11, 2013

What Type Am I?

One of the most common questions I receive (along with the other questions in the header) when people find out about the work I do in personality typing is, "So... how do I know what type *I* am?"

A very valid question.  How can you be happy with the way your mind works, understand its natural strengths and weaknesses and find your personality type's unique place in the world if you don't know what your personality type is?
Well, one option would be to take a test, either "official" or otherwise, but some are more reliable than others.  If a test relies on your social habits, what your cultural background deems a worthy use of your thoughts or if it makes some types sound wildly more positive than others, get out that salt-lick and administer some grains.  Since studying type theory this in depth I've taken a few tests.  I'm always amazed how many of them feature leading questions.  Sometimes I find myself answering differently from the way I know the test *wants* me to answer, just to spite the darn thing, rejecting the entire premise of many of the questions.  Even when I was trying to be cooperative, one told me I was an ENFJ... If I were an ENFJ I'd have a lot more filter on my mouth, a lot less innuendo in my head and I probably wouldn't have spent hours of my life researching possible ways to dye plastic bags (for the record I still haven't found a way).  If the type you tested as doesn't seem to fit with the way you cognate, don't be afraid to explore different options.  Even if you do feel like the results fit, explore all the options anyway.  You may be surprised what unexpected type fits you even  *better* and helps you feel all the more like you don't need to be someone else in order to be valid, useful and able to effectively take in the world in your own unique way. :)

Which brings us to the second option; to know and understand the types really well and match yourself with the type that fits you best.  I personally think this is a good idea.  Sure, you have to be honest with yourself, but you have to do that to get accurate test results anyway.  Recommended reading to get a grasp on the types:

*Updated!  Definitions of the letters, common misconceptions and what makes personality typing awesome!

*Highly* recommended as an intro to personality typing.  An in-depth look at how each type thinks, which is really the core of personality typing.  Also, it has cute stick figures, which makes everything better! :D

An in-depth look at each type as the heroes (and villains) they can be,with a myriad of examples.  Because of the in-depth nature of these posts, this series is on-going and they're not all up yet.

The paradoxical, unexpected side of personality that lies beneath the surface of every type.  An essential part of understanding the complexity of human beings and the way they think.
Yes, I like to make up words.  Yes, this is one of them.  We liked it better than "paratype" which apparently a way to classify birds or something.

And, you know, stick around and read up.  I haven't even begun to write all I have to say about people, their complexity and the way they think... it's a little overwhelming honestly ;)

The final option (well, I guess there are probably other options; you could flip four coins for example.  I'm sure someone mathy could give you the odds of that actually being accurate...), is to ask me about it.  I'm bright, capable, charming and I love your attention :D  You don't have to fill out any kind of questionnaire and you don't have to already have a good bead on what type you are.  Just drop me a comment somewhere on the blog or an email and tell me a little about yourself (nothing too personal required) and I'll give you a straight-forward response on what type I think you are and why, or ask you for more information about what's important to you and the way you think so I can more accurately type you.

Cost to you?  Nothing!  At least at the moment; if I get overwhelmed with requests for this, I may have to charge something, just for my time and to weed out trolls, but for the moment this service is absolutely free! :D  I would be happy to type you so you can get started on your epic journey of self-discovery!

**Update: Turns out we were overwhelmed with requests, almost right away!  It's awesome that so many of you want to know and understand your personality types, and we want to help!  There are multiple price tiers and you can get all the deets here.

Want more personalized advice about how to work with your personality type?  Want help working with your personal strengths and weaknesses and appreciating what makes you special?  Having trouble understanding or getting along with someone of a different personality? (I feel like I should insert as-seen-on-tv music and magic sound effects here)  Well, I can help with that!  Send me an email and tell me about anything you want typing advice on--aka anything about people... which is pretty much anything ;)

Cost of this special, personal attention wrapped in my lovingly typed embrace?  Well, it depends, honestly, on the amount of time and attention it'll require me.  And what I think is reasonable for you and your circumstances.  I'm not going to say "hey your life sucks extra so pay me more."  And if you can't pay anything, email me anyway because I'm a pretty nice gal and we can talk about you sharing my blog with all your friends or something ;)  But I do put indescribable amounts of effort and pretty much all my time into this blog, so if you can afford it, I'm going to ask for some reasonable compensation in return for personal advice, which is *going* to be helpful.

Want help and advice on an on-going basis?  Great!  We can work something out and I would be honored to help you with what's important to *you* and helping you feel valuable in every area of your life and fulfill my ENTP purpose of helping individuals reach their full and special potential!

Drop me a line and I'd be happy to help!  Be sure to include whether or not you're okay with me sharing your message anonymously along with my response so we can help other people who may be struggling with personality, just like you.

aLittleBitofPersonality (at) gmail (dot) com
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