Saturday, August 22, 2015

Typing Tutorial (plus Character Spotlight!)

Hey!  This is Justin!  Since I’m gonna be doing a lot of Phase 2, it’s probably good for me to say hi.  It’s been awesome getting to talk to you guys over chats and emails, and I’m excited to finally get to do some character spotlights!

For this first one, we’re going to be focusing especially on how to type people.  A lot of you have asked for help with typing people yourselves, so let’s walk through the process!

We’ve also convinced a couple of stick people, Gwen and Phil, to sacrifice their dignity and show us how *not* to type.  They’re going to do their best to type correctly, using oversimplified, stereotypical methods and definitions, and we’ll see how they do.

For this tutorial, we wanted to type a cool, engaging character who’s also kinda obscure.  That way, we shouldn’t have to worry much about preconceptions of the character’s type.  We wouldn’t want to start out with Darth Vader, say.  (We’ve seen Lord Vader typed as pretty much every single type :P)

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Support aLBoP for More Posts!!

Hey guys!  I'm super excited to share with you that aLBoP's Patreon Page is live!!  This is a way for readers to support aLBoP and be rewarded as a group with guaranteed major monthly posts (like Type Heroes and Facial Typing!!), Q&As, Character Spotlights and more!

Even $1 a month helps contribute to the bigger picture of aLBoP and shows us you care! <3 <3  And even if it's not a good time for you to be an aLBoP Patron at all right now, if you encourage your friends to support aLBoP, you still get the posts and content!  Win-win!

We love you guys!!  Thank you for all that you do!  We can't wait to bring you all the things you love about aLBoP... faster, stronger, better!  Yay technology!!!

Much love,
<3 Calise

Friday, July 24, 2015

We're Listening: Audience Feedback and Patreon

Hello there!  Hmm…trying to decide how to start this post.  Lol

I’m feeling very happy :) and sometimes I feel like I'm always starting posts by rolling my eyes or saying something to the effect of “how many times do I have to say this?”, but today I feel contented and like everything is going in a good direction.  Did I mention that we've had lots of great emails and conversations with you guys lately?  That may be a super-large contributing factor! ;)  Also my birthday is on Sunday (Golden birthday!  26 on the 26th!) and everyone was super sweet when I updated my profile picture on Facebook.  It’s been a good week. :D

And so this post isn't about telling you guys you're doing something wrong or about trying to ask you to do more; it’s about saying “Thank You” for the things you've already done and asking you for feedback so that we can give you more content, get more of your questions answered and help you further on your way to being the most *you* version of you ever!  Basically, we want to get feedback from you on how to give you more of everything that drew you to aLBoP in the first place. ;)

Thursday, July 09, 2015

What If I'm Not the Type I Thought I Was?

For over a year I’ve had an impending fear.  It lurks in the back of my mind, nagging at me whenever I go to type anyone, real or fictional, whenever My INFJ and I have worked on nailing down just which facial patterns follow human cognition, and it pulls on me whenever I get excited about just how uncannily well Facial Typing works and how the facial similarities between people of the same cognitive type just can't be unseen!  It seems silly, that the reason I’m scared is because Facial Typing works so well; shouldn’t I be more scared if it *didn't* work?  So why does fear haunt my Facial Typing days?

Because I know that in mere months (if schedule goes according to plan, which I've totally stopped counting on), I'll be ready to release a series of posts full of scientific, photographic evidence that *so many people* aren't the type they think they are.  And then I’m readying myself for the pitchforks and torches, because I know they're coming for me.

And you know what?  It’s understandable (to a point) that people get so up-in-arms when I tell them they're not the type they thought they were.  It makes sense that when we have to correct people about their type, or what defines types in general, that they often react as negatively as if we'd corrected them on their religion, politics, sexuality or gender.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

They're Here: Personalized Typing Packages and COGs!!!

They're here!!!!  Yay!!!!

The new and improved return of Personalized Typings and introducing Cognitive Orientation Guidebooks (COGs)!!!

What are COGs?
Cognitive Orientation Guidebooks or COGs, are aLBoP's definitive guides to the 16 cognitive types.
Each one includes:

  • E vs. I
  • P vs. J
  • First and Last letter combinations
  • N vs. S
  • F vs. T
  • Middle Letter combinations
  • Each type’s unique Cognition Steps
  • Type Specializations
  • Type Angsts (including all *8* that haven’t been released yet!!)
  • Paradoxitype

And averages 10,000 words each!  That's just under 160,000 words total :O!

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