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PPP Show and Tell: Feelers and Logic

Hi everyone!  I hope your summer (or winter, down under) is going well!  Lots of fun and informative stuff coming your way the next while, but one thing we've been working on a lot is Personalized Personality Typings.  Thank you if you've ordered one, or even if you wanted to!  This time the first two tiers of price points got sold out in 24 hrs!  So we're sorry if you didn't get to order yours at your desired price point this time, but when we finish this batch up, we'll be releasing more (and if you miss that one, same dance next time!).

In the meantime, since we put so much love and care into these, and since they include so much information that we’d like to share with *everyone*, we're starting this new series, “PPP Show and Tell”, where we share quotes from the various Personalized Personality PDFs we've personalized to people (enough Ps, eh?)  While we'll never share quotes from *your* email, because obviously that’s personal, we do want to share what *we've* said to you.  In your PPPs, questions and things about personality typing come up that have either come up many times before (like this post’s content), or that we might not have thought of addressing otherwise, that the whole class could stand to hear.

This time we have lots of quotes from a bunch of *different* PPPs, about the common misconceptions people have about Feelers’ relationship with logic, and what defines F in general.  All these quotes happen to be by my INFJ because, even though we read through your emails, determine your type, and figure out bullet points of what you need to hear, together, he has been writing the vast majority of the PPPs themselves to free me up to write blog posts, comments, social media stuff in general, and not go out of my mind with laundry.  Also, he happens to be an excellent writer and has a sexy grasp of principles.  But, you know, that’s why I married him ;)  (Well, that and he’s a good kisser.)

I hope this clears up a lot of the comments we get regarding “That person couldn’t be a T, their decisions are too emotional,” and “That person couldn’t be an F, they're too smart,” that make me feel :(.  And hopefully this information will help *you* feel better about the person you are personally, and help you understand others and where they're coming from.  Because any person can be both useful and meaningful, logical and human. ~

“Now, regarding F, there is a plentitude of misconception about both F and T, to the point that both are often mischaracterized into narrow parodies that are true of only the unhealthiest people of any personality type.  Many of the misconceptions about F are in fact true of unhealthy Ts, and vice versa.  Originally and empirically, those who cognate in the way we refer to as 'Feelers' focus first on the meaning and significance of things, and in practice that has complex effects.  For example, a Feeler who had been led to believe that it was cooler, more fun, or in any way better or more meaningful to be a T… would place great meaning and significance on trying to behave as a T, even to the point of attempting to focus on the use of things before meaning.  But through all that, their root motive is still meaning, the meaning of themselves as a person in this case, which they feel requires them to be a T.  Different types will often do the very same things, but for very different reasons.  This is part of why it’s dangerous to type someone based only on what they do, rather than on why they do it, and this is also why attempting to change one’s own actions in order to try to behave as another type tends to result in only a mimic of the other type.”

“Remember, none of this means that you are limited to these strengths.  You can develop the strengths of all the types, of Ts, of Is, of Js, and of S-es.  But in order to gain the strengths of other types, we must first master the strengths of our own type.  If we seek other types’ strengths before first mastering our own, then our own type’s weaknesses will be left unmastered, and they will get in the way.  People who try to master the strengths of other types without playing to the strengths of their own type become merely a parody, attempting to mimic other types without truly becoming them, and trying to hide their own weaknesses without having mastered them.  But as you learn to be proud to be a meaningful F, an observant E, a thoughtful P, and a conceptually-minded N, as you learn why your own strengths are good, then you will naturally and easily begin to develop the entirely new strengths of other personality types.”

“…to be human is to have emotions, but frequently Ts are portrayed as being unemotional, while only unhealthy people, F or T, suppress their emotions.  The quickest way to be controlled by your emotions is to pretend they’re not a factor, thereby letting them run unattended through fields of fear, insecurity, and pessimism, usually.”

“Healthy people of all types should cultivate logic, and healthy people of all types should cultivate carefully bridled emotions, since without emotion logic loses context and perspective.  There are many unempirical stereotypes which suggest that logic is a T trait, but it is simply a trait common to all healthy types.  And an attempt to be unemotional is simply unhealthy, the same for Ts as for Fs.  Healthy Ts are not unemotional and certainly not detached from others.  Again, an attempt to act like another type without first mastering one’s own results in mere parody that fails to master the strengths of either type.

“The desire to be unemotional tends to be a very emotional desire, common among unhealthy Ts and unhealthy Fs alike, usually resulting from emotions such as fear, pessimism, doubt, or insecurity.  These negative emotions tend to hinder logic much more commonly than the more cliché, bubbly emotions do.  Negative emotions are emotions, and when we try to ignore their presence they are left free to color our vision and skew all our thoughts.

“A prime example of this is in your references to religion.  ‘[Quoted description of unhealthy religion].’  This description, which you use to refer to all religion, seems to fit only a very small subset of particularly foolish religious people.  But since this unhealthy version of one specific religious group made you feel invalid, telling people that they would go to some hell because of the person they are, which is a fundamentally invalidating thing to imagine, you have formed an emotional opinion against religion as a whole.  The logical act is to acknowledge how much the beliefs of this one group of people made you feel incredibly invalid, and then perhaps to carefully note apparent trends among other groups of people who seem to share the same sort of unhealthiness.  It is not logical, however, to make blanket statements about religion due to the negative emotions that fill your descriptions of these particular groups of people.  In short, to be human is to feel emotions, and that is good because emotions, when mastered, give us perspective and remind us of points that thoughts alone are unable to keep track of.  But the people who tend to be the most hijacked by their own emotions are those who pretend their emotions are not affecting them, thereby turning a blind eye and allowing their emotions to go unmastered.”


“Significance and meaning [F], when approached healthily, must be just as objective and measurable as use [T]; subjective reaction is neither F nor T; it’s simply human.  While platitudinous oversimplifications often stereotype Feeling as being irrational or subjective, that has nothing whatsoever to do with T or F; no healthy person, of any type, should indulge in irrational subjectivity, and yet all types are equally vulnerable to it when unhealthy.”

“This doesn’t mean you’re doomed; no type is destined to have some laundry-list of weaknesses.  It just means that _______ is a weaker area to keep an eye on.  The thing about weaknesses, however, is that if we face them, they can become stronger than if we’d never had the weakness in the first place, due to the focus that we have to put on them!  And we face them best by using the areas in which we’re strongest, rather than denying our weaknesses or trying to compensate for them.”

Learn all about receiving your own aLBoP Personalized Personality PDF here!

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Comment Response: The Differences (and Similarities) Between ENTP Men and ENTP Women

I haven't done a comment response post in a while.  I usually just comment back to the person individually, or answer their question in a Q&A, but I when Cody asked me the following question, I started responding and this post ran away from me, in the best way ;D  There is just soooo much to talk about on this subject, and what I've written here is just the tip of a large and beautiful iceberg.

Cody asked:
So question for you, what is the difference in your opinion, between an entp male and entp female?

Thanks Cody!  This is an excellent question!  And actually one that I could write posts on forever :D  There are endless things I could say about the differences in male and female versions of *every* type!  I *love* gender; it's actually one of my favorite topics ever... which goes along perfectly with your question!

ENTPs are one of the (possibly *the*) biggest gender explorers of all the types.  ENTP's Type Specialization is "Individual Potential," starting with ourselves, and *every* choice we make is toward the purpose of further understanding and utilizing what we could potentially be.  Gender and sexuality are such a huge part of that identity and self-potential, of course ENTPs would love exploring that!

Neon pink suspenders FTW!
In practice this means that ENTPs (when we're not too ashamed of it) are often both uber sexual in our own gender, and/or not afraid to explore the aspects and benefits the other gender has to offer.

So male ENTPs often *really* enjoy masculinity, whether it's liking goofy "boyish" stuff, reveling in their own impressive sexuality, harmless womanizing, etc., and female ENTPs are often surprisingly girly, whether being flirty and sweet or loving colorful girly clothes that show off their (our) feminine wiles.  For example, people often expect female ENTPs to be hard and stereotypically "T," (which, can we please review the real definition of "Thinking" please?), and people who think that way are often surprised to hear that I *love* tutus, to the point of mild obsession, and fashion in general; that I had a smiley face collection growing up, and that I cry pretty easily when I'm worried about other people.

But ENTP is a study in contrasts.  We naturally *love* placing two seemingly diametrically opposed things beside one another, in order to bring out and complement aspects of both.  Angles and curves, leather and lace, technology and style, zombies and princesses; when you put two wildly different things together, they accentuate each other's differences and showcase parts of each that might otherwise go unnoticed.  While that principle isn't exclusive to ENTPs, when it comes to the [conceptual use of individuals], we rock it hard.  (See what I did there?  If you accentuate high language, like technical or science jargon, with low language like slang or goofy idioms, the contrast between the two packs a bigger punch than either alone.  ENTPs tend to be big fans of the effect; Benjamin Franklin did it all the time! :D)

And what creates a stronger, more powerful, playful contrast, especially in the area of self-potential, than gender?  And unbridled ENTPs *love* the interplay between masculinity and femininity -- not just between people, but also within themselves.  Whether that's by just enjoying how the genders are different in the ways usually thought of, or turning them on their heads.

From RDJ's Facebook page (that he runs himself)
If there were a graph about the types' relationships to gender exploration, ENTP would be in the crossdressing corner.  (There isn't, as yet, such a graph, but I would greatly enjoy making one at some point.)  That may seem odd to say, but it is an archetype *everywhere* throughout fiction and real life alike; ENTPs <3 crossdressing.  From Mulan to Mal Reynolds, Robert Downey Jr. to Zack Morris; you see it *everywhere.*

"The Boy is Big" by Calise, age 4 maybe?
Yes, I knew how to read.  It was just funny as anything.
It's actually a love I felt *insanely* guilty about growing up, though I don't remember a time before it was an interest of mine.  Not as much "what would I be like as a boy," although I certainly have thought a lot on that one (crossdressing became mostly an impossibility for me after puberty), but enjoying how juxtaposing men with feminine situations, clothing, etc. brought out and explored a side of masculinity that otherwise would have gone unseen.  A side which, as a straight girl (something I was unsure of over the years), who really really really likes men, I really wanted to see.

I often say that ESTPs tend to act like little boys, whatever gender they are, while ENTPs tend to *think* like teenaged boys, whatever gender they are.  Obviously, that demonstrates that the things we tend to think of as being "boy" things to do or think are stereotyped, but the principle still holds true.  While ESTP girls tend to like running, jumping and brashly goofing off in ways we tend to think of as masculine (though ESTP girls can be very girly too, when they want to be), ENTP girls, just like ENTP boys, tend to really like thinking about things like technology and sex, and love sarcasm and irony just as much as ENTP boys do.

Aaah!  Painfully awkward 16th birthday pic!
Please scroll back up and look at the other pic
after this one, bc this one is just sad.
Even though, growing up, it was often implied my love of girly stuff and my sweetness meant I *couldn't* be analytical or good at being a Thinker (O_o why?!), on the flip side I so often felt *bad* at being a girl.  My tendency to say whatever came into my head, no matter how awkward it was and my ingenuousness in general, meant that other girls tended to treat me like I was "doing it wrong," and boys paid little attention.  My lack of fashion sense with a new set of curves that I had new clue how to use certainly didn't help, and my (albeit hidden) aforementioned gender exploration certainly didn't help my lack of feeling feminine.  There was one aLBoP commenter that said there was no way Mulan could be ENTP because she was way too awkward; clearly they didn't know me in highschool ;)  I know ENTP girls, and T girls in general, often feel that way, like there's a "right" and "wrong" way to be your own gender, and it's really a shame.  I know often male Fs feel the same way.

Although, interestingly enough, though I don't say it in public as often, I like to tease ENTP guys of being such girls sometimes too, and I mean that with the most love possible ;)

My INFJ was recently practicing interacting with the world in a way that brought out his ENTP Paradoxitype, and after trying it for a while commented that one of the ways in which it was difficult was that it was like, "being half turned on, all the time, by the whole world at once."  I immediately yelled, "Yes!!"  It's nice, after a whole life of feeling that way, flirting with the whole world at once as a way to understand and explore it, and feeling guilty for that fact, to have someone say that that was a normal side effect of that sort of emotional vulnerability.

For all the seeming braggadocio that ENTP men can have, that really reflects an emotional vulnerability and exposure to the world that usually leaves them remarkably soft and sweet on the inside.  It's been amazing to me the open and genuine ways in which healthy ENTP men care about other people, often to the point of getting very emotional as I do, about the people they care about and the ways they're treated.  It's a shame to me that that's thought of as being less masculine or analytical in our culture, because ENTP men are just one example of how masculine that trait can be.

In that same vein, feeling bad at their fourth cognition step of Action through introverted Sensing, often makes both gender ENTPs feel like screw-ups that nobody could be proud of.  In response to this, we sometimes want others to show us that no matter what we do wrong, they will still want us and care about us anyway, even to the point of pushing people away emotionally, secretly hoping the other person will "chase" us, running just slow enough to get caught.  While stereotypically, that's something that women do, playing "games" to get the other person to show they care, I've seen plenty of male ENTPs--both fictionally and irl--do that exact same thing.  (Obviously, as with all the type trends I talk about, that doesn't mean *only* ENTPs do that, but just that it's a common thing for ENTPs--myself included--to do, and that those are the collective *reasons* for ENTPs specifically to do it.)

Encapsulated uber-sexual and gender exploration in one.  Read post here.
And so, like I said, a study in contrasts.  In any way shape or form, we like to explore both "What am I?" and "What would I be if I weren't me?"  We like to hop back and forth between pushing the limits of our own gender (the uber sexuality I talked about), and blurring our lines with the other gender.  Simple in principle, complex in application, ENTP men and women tend to be very similar in the *why*s of choices, and yet often very different in what those individual choices are.  Gender is our fav, and yet the different ways we choose to explore it may differ wildly, especially by gender itself.

Thanks for your question, Cody!  Obviously I had fun answering it ;D

Much love,
<3 Calise

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Scientific Method: What It Is and Why It's Awesome!

Good morning boys and girls!  {Good morning Ms. Calise}  Today we have a very special lesson on the Scientific Method from our favorite guest teacher, my INFJ!  Aren't you all excited to know about how the scientific method really works in practice and how to apply it to anything in your life so that any topic can be scientific? {class cheers, roses are thrown}

But little Bobby is unimpressed.  Bobby reads science magazines and writes on internet forums; he's got this crap.  He knows how to wield black holes and Occam's Razor like a boss, so that the other kids look stupid.  Yeah, that's right!

But what Bobby doesn't understand is, just because something sounds like "Science!" doesn't mean it follows the scientific method.  Bobby may be good at Troll Tactics that make it look like his argument holds up, but if the other kids were to follow the scientific method, they would be able to see that what Bobby calls "Facts" are really hypotheses that don't hold up under experimentation.

Don't be like little Bobby; understand the scientific method so that you can apply it to every area of your life, not just "sciencey" stuff!  Check out the playlist of all three videos below :D or go here to watch them on YouTube.  For Science!

Friday, May 30, 2014

Happy Reorganization Day! (And More Personalized Typing!!!)

Hey everybody!  Just hopping on for a few little news updates :)  These little news bulletins are probably going to be more commonplace, but then so is content, so yay!

Firstly, as I pointed out yesterday (or really early this morning I guess), aLBoP has had a lovely little makeover!  I'm really quite pleased with it and hopefully it'll fix the navigational issues that lots of people have expressed!  That being said, if there is anything you miss about the old format, let me know and I'll see what I can do ;)

Also, I had a big scare this morning (or afternoon maybe :P) when I got up.  I'd gone to bed really late, satisfied that the blog was all happy and reorganized... until *dun da DUN!* I checked the url on my phone!  Eeek!  Infinite redirect!  My phone was stuck in a loop of unhappiness and couldn't reach the blog no matter what!  Gah :P  I may have panicked... a little ;D  But my INFJ came to the rescue and used the programing skills he's learned modding WWII Civilization to fix the blog!  Though we weren't able to make mobile devices redirect automatically to the Start Here page (Bloggers fault.  Apparently they said they'd fix it soon... last November...), they can at least access the blog without spazzing out now.  And desktops will go to Start Here automatically when you type in, or click on my stick-head.  If you want your phone, tablet, etc. to go right to the same "homepage" as the desktop edition, just set your bookmarks to instead... that is, if you still use bookmarks... do other people still use bookmarks?  Sometimes it feels like Pinterest and my social media stuff replaces my bookmarks these days.  Anyway, back on topic ;)

Secondly, {drumroll} we're finally releasing more aLBoP Personalized Personality Typings!!!!  Yay!!  I'm going to put them up in the aLBoP Shop the moment I'm done posting this and we're only going to be releasing a few at a time, so get 'em quick!  They'll be available at three different price points this time, to suit the needs of different readers.  More on that here.  And there's a specific Personalized Typing FAQ now, so check that out!  If you don't get one this time, or if the price point you're interested in sells out too quickly, no worries!  When we're done with these we will release more, we just don't want to get backed up like a... all the analogies I can think of for getting backed up are nasty... like a chocolate fountain :)  The point is, we'll release more soon.  And I'll update here, Twitter, Facebook and Google+ whenever we replenish the store.  We're very excited to connect with more of you personally and help you apply the principles of aLBoP to your own personal cognition and life :D

Oh, and if you haven't yet, check out the new Browse by Person tab, Answers to Questions page (which is still in progress), and updated T-shirt page, with information on my plan to move the T-shirt operation away from Spreadshirt and into my home!  Which, in the end = less expensive T-shirts!  Definitely a good thing!  Oh and don't miss the watery new pictures on the Support aLBoP! page or the fun ways to hang out with us on Let's Be Friends!  Plus, you know, exciting content and videos on the way!  Yay for a happy little organized aLBoP!!!

<3 Calise

Why There Weren't Any Posts in April

So there weren’t any posts in April.  Not one.  Not a Type Angst or a blog update, and certainly not Type Heroes: INTP – The Alchemist, or Group Dynamics: The Avengers, which I said in the Live Q&A I wanted to post in April.  Nope.

Now, until last week, the hundreds of drafts I wrote of this post in my head were all apologies.  “I am sooo sorry I didn't post the things I said I would!  I am sooo sorry you had to wait!  I am sooo sorry I haven't responded to everyone!!  I am sooo sorry I suck at life!!!!”  All those drafts were full of excuses too.  “I was organizing my house” (which I was), “I was reorganizing the blog” (which, doesn't it look lovely?), “There were personal and family issues” (true also, and those happen), “I was having multiple nervous breakdowns” (eh, also true).  But all of those were excuses; not because they weren't valid and real claims on my time, because they were, but because all of those things were just excuses in my life for me to ignore the real reason I didn't want to write.

And oh, how pissed I was at myself that I didn't want to write!  Here I was, at the end of March, coming down from this insane blog high; we had just finished our first Live Q&A, that was amazing!  Everyone was so supportive and loving and awesome about it!  We were finishing up our first wave of Personalized Typings and there were so many of you begging for us to release more (and we haven't forgotten you!  I just hope you still want them…).  I was getting daily emails from amazing readers gushing about how they’d never read anything quite like aLBoP.  It was humbling and often brought me… well, I was going to say to tears, but I’m more of a can't-stop-smiling-till-my-face-hurts when I'm touched, type person.  So when everything seemed to be going perfectly, just what I'd always wanted, then why couldn't I write?  Why would I seek out other activities and “responsibilities” to *avoid* writing?

I could write about all the myriad of possibilities I considered these past two months for what *could* have been the problem, but that would take a long time lol.  It’s amazing how many possibilities with merit an ENTP can come up with in two months.  But, while some of them were useful in their own ways, and I learned a lot about myself this past while, none of them were the root cause behind why I was dreading pulling up Blogger.

The real reason?  I was sick of MBTI culture.

I was sick of clicking #MBTI on Twitter and wanting to throw up.  I was depressed by the way I'd check out the MBTI boards of people who follow me on Pinterest, just to have my skin crawl at what most MBTI pins are like.  Honestly, when people follow my other boards, like Wear It or Decorate It, I usually go check out their boards too; but when they follow A Little Bit of Personality or one of my other Typing boards, lately I've been just ignoring it.  And so often that’s not because the individuals who follow me have bad intentions, it’s just because the MBTI pins would just be so oversimplified, so creepily demeaning of other people and what they could be, that I just didn't want to look at it anymore.  I scroll through articles and images and I think, “If this is the best understanding of humanity that the ‘best and brightest’ of us can give, then I want a refund.”

I am so sick of the *pretension* of MBTI culture.  I hate that when I bring up personality typing with “normal” people, those who haven't studied this much, they tend to cringe or change the subject because they are so used to those who study psychology, personality typing, and MBTI specifically, being demeaning, condescending and full of hateful enmity toward everyone else.  And beyond being mean, self-aggrandizing and using personality typing as a way to put their own self-worth above that of others, people like that are *wrong!*  Like literally incorrect!  The vast oversimplifications you read online (and in books too) of Extraversion and Introversion being just social habits, or Thinkers being “beings of mere logic,” while Feelers base all their decisions on wishy-washy emotions, aren't just damaging to the individuals they restrict, they also just don’t hold up in practice under the scrutiny of the scientific method!  They don’t work and aren't repeatable and verifiable.  It’s those kinds of people that give the real live Dr. Brennans of the world justification in saying that psychology is a soft, pseudoscience where people just make stuff up; because the way those people do it, it is.

As I went into April, I was being ripped into two.  On the one hand, I had you amazing readers who want personality typing as a way to teach you, free you and help you understand people and the boundless potential they have; and on the other hand I had this oppressive blight on mankind, that of people who didn't want the real version because it would mean they could no longer use personality typing as a method to be better than others without having to work to be better people whatsoever.  Like my INFJ said, there are really only two types of people.  There are people who like people, who want to know whatever is really true and find reality even when it’s painful or uncomfortable.  And then there are the people who want to ignore what reality and true science really say, because they don't like what reality reveals about them, and therefore find the need to tear others down.

But, I had to realize that my overall picture of humanity on the whole was being skewed by the cross-section visible to me.  The loud, teeth-gnashing, people-hating crowd isn't in the majority… they're just really loud.  There are in fact more people who want the real version, who want to hear that people can be more than they've been led to believe, that heroes do truly exist and that who *you* are going to be is your choice to make.  Not that your history, environment, your brain or some condescending psychology nut, is going to do that for you.  There are so many people who want the truth, science in its true form… they just aren't painfully loud like the other crowd.

Now, let me head off, this is entirely a matter of intentions.  If you are feeling guilty because you had been led to believe that Perceivers don't make good employees (read that one verbatim on Twitter), that Extraverted Feeling is equivalent to a crying baby (not going to name that website), or that Sensors are the only practical ones (*sigh* too many websites and books to even name if I wanted to), don't worry; I'm probably not talking about you.  Misunderstanding or being misled on a topic, because the magazine science was the only version you had, is not your fault.  I am pissed to death (gah, that’s rather graphic, isn't it?) at the people who *propagate* those misconceptions, willfully.  Again, these are the people who are dishonest with themselves because the truth makes them uncomfortable.  I truly can't express how dangerous the mentalities propagated by the examples above and other attitudes like them truly are, but if you don't *want* to instill those attitudes in our culture, that's good enough for me.

Well, and I guess I should add that there is a third type of person, the ones who haven't chosen a side yet.  People who want to get along with everyone, and so try and say that the two sides are the same.  Honestly, these are the people I struggle with the most.  I love the group that is honest with themselves, and I can roll my eyes at those who aren't, but it is so hard for me not to try and *prove* the truth to those who still believe the people who don't want truth.  And the fence-sitters don't want to be the ones to decide if I'm right or wrong (thus the fence-sitting), and so they say things like “Well, I like what you have to say, but my friend here is skeptical.”  (Skeptical is usually a buzzword for “They don't *want* you to be right, so they're looking for a chink in your armor.”)  And so I’m suddenly put on the spot to prove myself to their “skeptical” friend.

But you can't reason someone out of a conclusion they didn't arrive at via reason, and *wanting* someone to be wrong is one of the most common emotional reasons to believe something.  It won’t matter how many times I've explained something, in how many languages, using how many analogies, with how much data and examples, no matter how many times I've typed something out in black and white; if someone doesn't want to understand something, their reading comprehension drops down to zero.

And so, I've decided to stop trying.  Your skeptical friend is never going to see reason because he doesn't want to.  I am literally wasting my breath (or finger motions, I suppose), while there are *so many people* emailing me who have real questions and want real answers.  And *those* are the people I am going to prioritize.  No more am I going to waste precious word-count on trying to prove anything.

And, honestly, I am not going to waste my energy feeling guilty if I don’t post exactly what you want me to post either.  I'm not going to promise, “You can expect this post by the end of the month.”  What I will promise you, instead, is that I will give you an accurate, repeatable, scientific picture of humanity that will demonstrate to you everything you and everyone else can be.  Even if that takes a month or more of me not posting anything, so I can be sure I know what that picture is.

In conclusion, *thank you* for being patient while I got to the bottom of this.  Thank you for your wonderful emails inspiring hope in me, that maybe the “general consensus” isn't so general after all.  Thank you for sticking with aLBoP, even when it might be easy to move on to updates-more-often pastures.  As you stick around, I promise I’ll always make it worth the wait, all on the way to discovering the version of you that you *really* want to be.

Much love!
Calise <3
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