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Alphanumeric Typing: Intro

Update - April 2, 2015:  I'm adding a needed disclaimer that this article was posted for April Fools' Day, 2015.  It is an intended parody of the all-too-common pseudoscience found in the field of personality typing.  Though I worked hard to make it dry, I honestly thought everyone would be able to tell it was a joke by how over the top it was, but I think it drives my point home that much harder that *many* people took it seriously.  These are attitudes found throughout psychology.  They're dangerous, horrendously abusive to individuals' sense of self-worth, let alone blatantly unscientific.  I'm sorry if my attempt to roll my eyes came far too close to the truth. (But we really are writing the Modular Personalized Typings and Cognition: The Super Simple Version!  That was legit ;)) ~
<3 Calise

Hi everyone!  I'm super excited for what I have to share with you today, even though as we've been hard at work on the Modular Personalized Typings (which, as with pretty much everything on aLBoP, are turning out way more in-depth, long and detailed than previously expected ;)), and so I only have time to give you a brief intro to Alphanumeric Typing, which is sure to require many posts in the future!  As you guys know, here on aLBoP we're always looking for new ways to understand the human mind, as well as listening to you in order to find new ways to help you understand yourself and everyone around you!  Alphanumeric Typing is no different, and I think you'll appreciate its elegance and simplicity that anyone can understand!

One complaint we hear a lot on aLBoP is that the letters are too confusing.  Though we've tried to simplify this problem with posts like What Do All These Letters Mean Anyway?, The Cognition Process in Stick Figures and Cognition: The Super Simple Version (that I am currently writing), there are still issues with reading comprehension or complaints of TL;DR (Too long; didn't read).  To help this problem, we (my INFJ and I) have come up with an easy Alphanumeric system since, let’s face it, numbers are easier to understand than letters.

Innovative Alphanumeric System!

Now this part couldn't be easier; it’s amazing how formulaic the human mind can really be.  Each letter has a simple number value, based solely on its position in the English alphabet, so this method is open to anyone who knows the alphabet!  Imagine the world opened to kindergarteners and adults alike!  In case you hadn't already guessed, this is based on a straightforward system of A=1, B=2, etc., as follows:

·         E = 5
·         I = 9
·         N = 14
·         S = 19
·         T = 20
·         F = 6
·         P = 16
·         J = 10

As the order of the alphabet is very important and not at all arbitrary, we can see how this shows the significance and worth of each letter in isolation.

Therefore T (Thinking) is the most valuable personality variable, followed closely by S (Sensing).  This should really be a given anyway, as everyone seems to already know those personality traits are more important anyway! :)

More surprisingly though, as it is more often taken for granted, is the value of P (Perceiving), as the alphabet clearly states its worth over J (Judging), but perhaps this is an archaic holdover as J was the last letter added to the alphabet, it may have formerly been given more credence than it deserved.

It should be pointed out that in this system, discrepancy of letters accounts for more value than the letter’s value on its own.  For example, E (Extraversion) is worth the least at 5, but since its opposite, I (Introversion), is only worth 9, Extraversion is only slightly less worthwhile.  However F (Feeling) has the highest discrepancy, with T = 20 being worth 14 more than F = 6.  Therefore Feeling is obviously the least valuable personality variable.

Alphanumeric Combinations

When we bring together these combinations of letters, we can now understand the individual types in a way we never could before; by ranking them each numerically!

I thought the types might simply be ranked alphabetically, but the brilliance of this system, with each letter having an individual value, is that it gets rid of the old conventions of left-to-right thinking and takes each letter according to its own merit.

·         ISTP = 64
·         ESTP = 60
·         INTP = 59
·         ISTJ = 58
·         ENTP = 55
·         ESTJ = 54
·         INTJ = 53
·         ISFP = 50
·         ENTJ = 49
·         ESFP = 46
·         INFP = 45
·         ISFJ = 44
·         ENFP = 41
·         ESFJ = 40
·         INFJ = 39
·         ENFJ = 35

From this we see that ISTP is the best, but honestly, didn't we already know that?

As this demonstrates, scientifically, in general terms Feelers are of less worth than Thinkers, with the rare exception of ENTJ, who seems to have gotten the short end of the Thinking gene stick, coming even below one of the Feeling types.  But don't worry, we still need the Feelers for things like taking care of puppies and being walked over like doormats!

On a personal note, I think I should point out that I am okay being the fifth from the top.  After all, not everyone can be the best. ;)

I hope this has been a helpful peek at exciting things to come!  This is just a glimpse of what typing systems like Alphanumeric Typing can do for you!  Oh, and if you’re new to the site, or just reading this after the first of April, you may want to check out Type Specializations:What Makes My Type Special? for a little different look at the value of different people and different types of cognition :)

Much love,

<3 Calise

Friday, February 20, 2015

Thank You Video: Beyonce Cover ...and Interpretive Dance

Finally!  The first of many "Thank you!" videos!!!  This one was as requested by the lovely Anh... except I sing and lose my voice and Justin... busts a move...  Please enjoy and please believe I can sing better than this!

If you'd like to have us do something embarrassing of *your* choice, go here to learn more :D

For more aLBoP Amore Month, keep watching here!
<3 Calise + Justin, her INFJ

Friday, February 06, 2015

aLBoP Amore Month and What's to Come

Happy February, beloved aLBoP readers!  In honor of the month of *luve* my INFJ and I want to take this month to celebrate how much we love you guys and how much love you've shown for us!  D’aww!!

A Little Bit of Personality is almost two years old and I'm constantly overwhelmed at how giving, loving and intelligent you guys are!  You're always there showing us your support through both your words and actions.  You've been incredibly patient, even when things haven't always gone as we’ve expected, or when trying to explain things in a brand new way is a little harder than anticipated ;)  Your questions are remarkable, thought-out and unexpected, so often giving me posts upon posts of information I'm bursting to give you! (Once again, patience is always appreciated ;))

And so many of you have made the extra effort to not only be readers and fans, but to be true friends; not just caring about the info we can provide you, but caring about us as individuals.  It’s incredible!  And I know, super mushy. :D  (Cue the “Aw, Mom!  Gross! Can we go and play now?” kind of faces.)

Anyhue, in honor of how awesome you guys are, we've decided to use February to celebrate that awesomeness in a myriad of ways.

1) Thank You Videos!
We are *finally* going to make and release all the ridiculous videos that aLBoP supporters have creatively (and with evil laughs) suggested!  They are sure to be comfort zone razing, but crazy fun nonetheless ;)

2) Catching Up on “Love for aLBoP” Orders
In February I will also be attempting to get *all* caught up on giving out everyone’s digital Thank You gifts, including Thank You emails, wallpapers, and personalized stick figures I haven't yet given to the generous parties!  I feel soooo bad that it’s taken me this long!

You'd think from helping other people with the way they think, by now I'd know that apologizing too profusely doesn't really help anyone.  Instead I will merely say “Thank you” again, for being so patient.

{Bonus: As it happens, I've found saying “Thank you” rather than “I'm sorry” tends to be more effective in many situations, as apologizing tends to make both the wronged party and the mistaken party feel resented, while gratitude makes both feel appreciated instead.}

3) The Fan Love/Lurve Page
Also long promised, the “Fan Lurve” page will be a compilation of wonderful things fans of aLBoP have done and said!  I still can't decide if “Lurve” is too silly or confusing, so please chime in and let me know if you like Love or Lurve better! :)

For months I've been collecting quotes of the sweet and beloved things you've said about aLBoP and how it’s helped you in your life.  Throughout February I'll be asking you if it’s okay to use quotes from your individual emails, as testimonials about how much you love aLBoP :D  Though I figure as long as you posted a comment publically it’s okay to use (though you're always welcome to request your quote be removed ;) ), if it was private, like in an email or Facebook message, I’ll definitely get permission first!{Edit 3-3-15: LIES!!!  Actually, my INFJ came up with pages upon pages of wonderful quotes from your emails, and I simply wouldn't be able to catch up the way I need to if I emailed each of you for permission!  I'm being careful not to post anything too personal and feel free to request your quote be removed or made anonymous!}  Though of course you could help me by either giving me permission, or specifically sending in a brief aLBoP testimonial, if you want! :D  Obviously that would cut down on the already daunting email load I’ll have for this project ;)

Also, pictures!!!  You know I love pictures! ;)  We've received a couple pieces of *incredible* fan art which were sent to us completely unsolicited!  I honestly never even thought to ask because I didn't really think of what we do as being a fan-art-worthy endeavor!  lol  And yet the ones we've received have been so beautifully thought-out and inspiring that I get a giant lump in my throat every time I think of them (and not just because I have a sore throat atm :P).  We also have some awesome fan photos, including people wearing their “Keep Calm and Be Yourself” t-shirts and a few readers decked out in Halloween costumes by type.

Pleeeeease!!!  I’m not above a little beseeching ;)  Show us your beautiful art and your lovely faces!  They'll make me super happy, as well as bringing color and interest to the Fan Love page, as long as you're cool with me sharing.

This page is also where the “Friends of aLBoP” sections will list the names or pseudonyms of people who have supported aLBoP!  Yay!!!

Oh, and please let me know how you want to be credited, for testimonials, pics, donations, videos etc!  I've found this to both be a remarkably important problem and surprisingly forgotten thing to mention, with aLBoP in general.  Some people want to have their full names, websites, pictures, etc., while others don't even want a pseudonym.  I really understand both ends of the spectrum and in between, but I never know which should be my default assumption.  As general principles, if it’s something sensitive, like a personal question from an email, “he” or “she” might be the most I'll mention.  If it’s not very private, like a cool general question or a quote from something you said publicly, I lean toward your first name and last initial, or whatever you signed your signature with.  But honestly, people are so lovely and diverse that I usually don’t know what the heck to do and it would be nice if you just told me! :D  /love rant done.

4) A “Fan Stats” Video
This one isn't super important, but I thought it'd be fun.  So long as we're not too swamped trying to finish all the “Thank you” videos (I know sometimes I put it in quotes and sometimes I don’t.  :P  I defy you and your grammar!), we'll do a video talking about reader stats like the top ten countries aLBoP readers are from, what browsers they use and some of my favorite random search keywords!  Okay, that sounded cooler in my head (are you surprised I'm a nerd?), but we'll also talk about trends we've noticed about what types tend to frequent the site the most, who speaks up in comments vs. who would rather email, and which types we wish we saw on aLBoP more because they're way underrepresented!  (btw, Internet Explorer is waay far down on the list, which makes me so proud <3!)

What Comes Next?
What comes after all of this blatant fan fawning?  Well, that’s the thing; the whole point of aLBoP Amore Month is not simply to kiss your little feet, but to catch up, *especially* on the aLBoP Shop before the release of the long-long-long-awaited Modular Personalized Typings!  When we're finished with aLBoP Amore (and maybe somewhat concurrently), we'll be finalizing each of the sixteen modular pdfs, in their trademark aLBoP thoroughness, including the release of the remaining Type Angsts so that they can be referenced and applied to each type <3  We've also brilliantly (if I do say so myself) come up with even more ways to release them to you with greater haste and volume so no one has to be left out if they want help determining their own personality :D  Yay!!!

Also, be thinking about what kinds of rewards you’d like to see on aLBoP's Patreon page, which will most likely be coming in March (with rewards in April)!  We want to know what would excite you guys, especially on a personal-rewards basis, and we're super excited for the group-funded tiers to bring you things like a certain number of guaranteed posts a month, more requested content like Q&As and Character Spotlights, and use it as an opportunity to bring you everyone’s favorite, Type Heroes, more quickly!  This way you guys get the content you want and we're able to produce it and still have groceries!  Win-win!  All joking aside, you guys have been amazingly generous and we'd still be doing this even if you couldn't support aLBoP at all… but the pace might have to be glacial.

Which, in a way, I think is a great segue into the next soon-to-come on aLBoP :)  Actively for months, and in the back of our minds since before aLBoP’s inception, we've been working on a new, completely free, by self-invite only (meaning you need an invitation, but anyone can ask for one), advanced-user section of aLBoP.  We're going to call it aLBoP: Phase 2 (yes, as a call-back to Avengers, because *Avengers!*)  and it'll be for the people who want more of the kind of content aLBoP has always offered, who are ready to apply even more awesomeness to their own lives, and who honestly want something new and archetypal to open new horizons to them.  It'll also be a place for awesome people to get together, make friends and digitally hang out on the Official ™ aLBoP Forum!  Yay!!!  Many much yay!

While Phase 2 stuff won't be anything secret, and we hope to lay it out in a format that anyone can understand, we want a little bit of a moat so that Phase 2 won’t be the kind of thing that people come from Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr or Facebook, skim a post, leave a stupid comment, and leave.  While most our readers are fantastic, intelligent, thorough and caring, we do still get the occasional “Seriously?  I literally just answered that *in* that post!  Five times!!  In bold!!!” type readers and comments here in “Phase 1”, which are the kind of thing we want to avoid in Phase 2 with the kind of in-depth content we want to give you :D

In short...
We are insanely excited about celebrating *you*, our readers and how totally awesome, amazing and rad you are!!  February should be a really fun month but, even more exciting, it's a promise of things to come.  Because we love you <3 and we want 2015 to be a banner year for you becoming who you truly want to be!

Much love,
<3 Calise + Justin, her INFJ

Stay tuned!  Throughout aLBoP Amore Month content will be linked here:
Thank You Video: Beyonce Cover ...and Interpretive Dance
Fan Love!

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Facial Typing Preview

First peek at facial typing as demonstrated by A Little Bit of Personality. So much more to come! Happy 2015!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Give a Little Personality: A Gift Guide by Type

Give a Little Personality
A Gift Guide by Type

Merry Christmas everyone!  Or whatever you celebrate ;)  Better late than never and as requested, we have a handy little guide for giving gifts according to personality!

Rather than a specific list of individual items, we thought it would be of more value to share with you the principles of what motivates each type and the trends we've noticed about what each personality enjoys!  So then this will be useful all year round and not just two days before Christmas :P

This is our first hybrid post (woo-hoo!) with both a video and written portion (mid-term flashback *shiver*).  Watch the video for our full in-depth versions of what we think each type would like and why (with the option to skip forward ;) It's a pretty long video), and check out the summaries and full-sized pics below for each type at-a-glance!

Practical Upgrade

Knights often want better versions of the things they already use to do the things they’re already doing.  They want to be more able to protect, serve, and be dependable, fulfilling their personal role in life.  They want an upgrade!  It may seem utilitarian, it may not seem flashy, but it’s what tickles them!

Own it, Love It

Charging ahead as a symbol of their group and of the interests and joys they share, the Cavalry loves things that help them celebrate those shared interests.  To that end, they often like clothes (guy Cavalries like to look stylish and put together), and they especially love music as a way to celebrate the style that they and their friends enjoy.

Meticulous Collection

Explorers love to gather collectibles from the world, whether it be model cars, board games, or foreign food, and then bring them together into their own, personal world that they can treasure.  They want each thing in their protective sphere to be special and important, which can cause their collections to be very specialized; get them something that fits their particular collection, and they’ll feel known and treasured by you.

Quirky Camaraderie

Morale Officers want gifts that help them enjoy spending time with the people they love!  These don’t have to be loud or complicated; the point is to hang out and have fun, like with a board game or a great movie.  They may even ask for things that are mainly for others, so they can have fun together!  And they’re usually a little quirky in their interests too, because that makes it all more fun!

Pragmatically Curated

Sentinels tend to be quite practical in their interests, yet they also want their possessions to be of the highest quality.  They don't want gifts for their own sake; they’d prefer to get a few high-quality, practical items rather than a whole bunch of gifts.  Often if they wouldn't splurge and get something fancy for themselves, like a great meal, expensive clothes, or a really spiffy appliance, they'll really appreciate getting it as a gift.

Specifically Personalized

The Cannon tends to get excited by gifts that help them better shoot forward and help their group run more efficiently and happily, so they usually know exactly what they want, down to the brand.  Surprises aren't nearly as important to them as getting the gifts that they've determined will best help them pursue the needs and interests of their group, even though those interests might vary wildly between different Cannons.

More is More

Weapon Specialists love getting gifts that help them specialize better in the things they already specialize in!  Whether it be yet another book on their current subject of interest, or yet another skateboard, or yet another weapon, they get excited by tools that help them do even better at the things they specialize in.

Check This Out!

Spartans love gifts that help them enjoy their individuality!  So they often like cheeky stuff, and anything that helps them stand out while doing what they're already doing.  They love things that are casually useful, like a cool-looking phone case or a neat water bottle, yet that also make people take notice, as their way of saying, “That’s right, this is me!”

Read the World

Paladins take joy in finding the day-to-day usefulness of sweeping, universal principles that others might think don’t apply in real life.  So they love gifts that help them explore meaningful archetypes and principles in their particular areas of interest, whether that be history or math, horror or fantasy or politics or whatever.  Paladin girls especially tend to like fairy tales and Disney, as a way to explore and apply the principles of what makes people and world matter.

Timelessly Personable

Veterans particularly love knowing that they’re known and appreciated by those close to them, so they often like being surprised by getting exactly what they wanted without having to ask for it.  And with their timeless love of people, Veterans tend to enjoy vintage items and classic pieces that help them stand out while fitting in with their group.

Capture the Flame

Rangers love things that help them treasure and experience the things that already inspire them, whether by creating or by enjoying someone else’s creations.  So they may like sketchbooks or nice art, books or writing supplies, or a bit of each!  They love gifts that help them create the perfect conceptual moment, like a cozy window seat with a mug and a good book, or tickets to their favorite show or a museum.  (Want to get a Ranger a book by an INFP?  Try J.K. Rowling, Suzanne Collins, or H.P. Lovecraft!)

Let's Make This Personal

Standard Bearers love gifts that help them express their individuality, as if to say, “Look at me, this is who I am, this is why I’m special!”  They want things that help them express the person that is them, like clothes or other items that declare their interests and loyalties.  Inside jokes are especially important to Standard Bearers, since they let them know that your time and experience together meant as much to you as it did to them.

Inner Exploration

Dragons like books!  All types can like books in their own ways, but Dragons love using them as tools to explore the wide world and to benefit from the thoughts and explorations of others, so they can make use of it all.  They’ll often love nonfiction, but sprawling or inspiring fictional worlds can excite them as well, as long as they have enough complexity and realism.  Any gift that helps a Dragon learn how to use the world, and which allows them to curl up with their private, soft, cute side, will probably be greatly appreciated.

New and Improved!

Crusaders tend to want better, faster, stronger, shinier ways to help them do and enjoy what their group already does best.  Whether it be camping or video games, photography or mountain biking, Crusaders love to shine out as the paragon of whatever they love to bond over with their friends.  So they usually enjoy gifts that equip them to charge at the head of the pack and show everyone how to do it with flair!

Possibilities to Try

Alchemists get excited by gifts that represent interesting ideas, like nifty tools or cool inventions, or books or magazines with concepts that intrigue them.  They love to try *new* things, always seeking another *new* idea of how to make things work, like a cool new tool or book or toy with new uses and ideas they can try out.  While interests may vary between Alchemists, they’ll all tend to love exploring possible ideas and theories about whatever they’re interested in.

Freestyle Utility

Swashbucklers love tools that help them enjoy and show off themselves!  They tend to prefer open-ended tools that they can use over and over with unlimited possible uses, like a building set, a digital camera, an open-ended video game, or a dress that can be mixed-and-matched with anything.  They also like statement pieces, like a really cool tie or a geeky t-shirt, all as reusable ways of strutting their stuff.

We hope your holidays are just as special and unique as you are (because that's not cheesy or anything!) and that you are able to celebrate the people you love as you celebrate this special time of year!

Much love!
<3 Calise and Justin
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