Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cognition - The Super Simple Series! | Part 3: Cognition Steps and the Anatomy of the Cognition Process

Yay!  We’ve made it to what might be my favorite part of all cognition: the anatomy of the cognition process itself!  Well, my favorite until we get into what makes every cognition special, and the inner hidden sides of ourselves and... okay I have a lot of favorite parts of cognition.  But this post really centers on the core of it all: demonstrating that the paths our minds take make sense, how no thought just appears out of thin air, and how perfectly and elegantly balanced each and every type of thought process is, no matter how diverse.  It gives me happy tingles!  :D

I've explained the ins and outs of cognition order in a much more complicated way in the past, but today I really want to break it down into simple reasons *why* cognition does what it does.  Because the mind doesn't do anything without a reason.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Cognition - The Super Simple Series! | Part 2: The Four Functions

Hello again!  Welcome back to Cognition – The Super Simple Series!  If you missed Part 1: Cognition and the Four Types of Information, go check it out now. :)  Otherwise you’re going to be super lost instead and no one likes that!

I’m very excited for this post as there is sooo much confusion and stereotyping about what functions really are.  In this post we’re looking at just how simple and straightforward cognitive functions are, and yet how they’re complex in application and, when understood correctly, should help us understand our complexity as humans more, not limit us into boxes.  But I’m getting ahead of myself, as usual. ;)

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Elsa and Aladdin Give Each Other Advice - Belated January Thank You Video

In typical aLBoP fashion, this video turned out much later, much longer and much sillier than anticipated.  The requested video was Queen Elsa from Frozen and Aladdin giving each other advice... and well, you can see the rest.

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Much love,
<3 Calise and Justin

Thursday, December 31, 2015

December Thank You Video - "My Eyes" Duet

Happy New Years everybody!!!  We thought we'd squeeze in the December Patreon "Thank You!" Video... an hour before the new year hits here.  lol

Love this song from Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog, plus some updates and bloopers!  Thank you guys for *everything* and an amazing year!!  We love you so much!!!

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Happy 2016 guys!! <3

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

aLBoP Phase 2 Launch!!

You guys!  It's here!!  Ohmygosh, we're so excited!!

We've been teasing it since February, writing the intro since last August, and eagerly waiting to share the content since 2009!  That's right, we've been dying to share this stuff with you since long before aLBoP was even a little personality dream <3  And now, it's ready!  It's really ready!!

Ahem.  Yeah, you can tell we're kinda excited ;)

What is Phase 2 and why has it taken so much of our time, energy, and gallons and gallons of love?

Since the day we started aLBoP, it's been our mission to help you understand yourself and those around you, so that you can feel safe and free seeing how awesome people can be.  Through swatting stereotypes and showing how you can be a hero in your own unique way, we've worked to raise your expectations of yourself and everyone in a way that gives you hope that people can be more than culture tells us, and that science is just a matter of letting rock-awesome reality speak for itself!

aLBoP Phase 2 takes all that a great leap further, giving you a whole new arsenal of tools to be the person *you* want to be, not someone else, to pursue *your* dreams and ideals and make them happen, and to make your life what you've always known it can be.

And on top of all that, there's the forum!  The Official aLBoP Forum, where you guys can all meet each other, share stuff, discuss anything and everything, and plot world domination together!  There are so many of you who feel alone, like it's hard to find other cool people in the world.  But since there are so many of you, we're so excited to see you finally get to know each other!

(Update: Hotmail users seem to be having trouble signing into the forum without creating a gmail account, but one of you mentioned a workaround, so if you need help, let us know!)

To make Phase 2 a safer place where you can freely talk about anything you want, we're using a self-invite system.  This is to prevent people from ruining your discussions by wandering in, skimming a little, and leaving unhelpful comments.  This way, you know that everyone else on Phase 2 cares about this stuff, at least enough to fill out a form and see what it's about!

So yay!  Forum and a boatload of all-new Phase 2 content, with even more on the way!  So go ahead, fill out the form below with the email you want to use on Phase 2 (for customizing your forum avatar and all that), and we'll send you your invite!  You'll get two invitation emails, one for Phase 2, and one to participate in the forum there.  Got that?  Two emails.  Good?

Once you get the invites, you can see the forum and all the Phase 2 content at albopphase2.blogspot.com.

(Update again! So...because we hit the limit on the number of people who can privately view a blogger site, we've temporarily created a clone site for all new invitees: albopphase2a.blogspot.com.  The clone site lets you view everything the same, and you'll have access to the same forum with everyone else, you'll just use a different url)

So go ahead and submit that form!  We can't wait to see you there!! <3

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