Want to know your own cognitive type for sure, or maybe somebody else’s?
You’re in luck!  Thanks to our handy dandy aLBoP Facial Typing system,
learning anyone’s underlying cognition is as easy as looking at their face!

You can learn more about Facial Typing in this video and in What If I’m Not the Type I Thought I Was, and we go into a lot more detail about it on aLBoP Phase 2!  In short, though, Facial Typing is an awesome surprise that popped up after we ironed out consistent definitions for the cognitive types. We started noticing strange trends, and after a lot of sifting and testing and new surprises, it turned out that everyone’s cognition is perfectly reflected in the actual structure of their face! It’s in the shape of your eyes and nose, the little lines around your mouth, your cheeks and hairline, your jaw, everything! It never stops being amazing how perfectly everyone’s face lines up with their cognitive type!

This means you can find out your own cognition, or the cognition of anyone else you want, just by sending in a pic!

Here’s what we need:

0)    Before even ordering, make sure you’ve read the Guided Tour!  Remember, here on aLBoP we use definitions that may differ from other sources, so please read the Guided Tour and be sure you trust our definitions and typing methods before you order!

1)    Order a typing from the aLBoP Shop. There are three price tiers, all offering the same service:

  • The standard “Type Me!” package is $15, and includes a personalized COG PDF with the typee’s name on it, as well as desktop wallpapers and an embeddable button of that type.
  • If that’s too much for you, don’t worry, we still want to help!  The “I Can’t Afford It But You Love Me Anyway” package gets you exactly the same stuff, for only $5.  We offer only a few at a time, so please don’t take one unless you really need it!  But If you do need it, no worries, that’s why they’re there! <3
  • And if you want to show a little more love, the “Extra Love for aLBoP” package adds a $25 donation to your order, for a total of $40.  This gets you an Extra Love bundle, with an “I <3 aLBoP, They <3 me” button, an exclusive Type Specialization desktop wallpaper, and your choice of either a stick figure of a character, or a silly Thank You request! 😀

If we’re out of stock of the price tier you want, that means we’re temporarily sold out. You’ll have to wait for us to catch up on the orders we have, before we put more in the store.

(Note: We’ve had to discontinue the paid personal chats (besides the ones we’ve already sold that we’re catching up on) because we just don’t have time anymore. Sorry! But if you want to interact with us personally, come hang out on Phase 2!)

2)    As soon as you’ve placed your order, go right ahead and send us photos of whoever you want typed, to:


Photos from multiple angles are preferred, and at least some without glasses are a big help. And don’t worry, we won’t share your pics with anyone. One person per typing ordered, of course, although we do offer a “buy three typings, get one free” deal!

3)    We also love hearing a bit about the typee (and the orderer, if those are different people). It’s not strictly necessary to type someone, as long as we have photos, but we like to get to know you! 😀 We’ve met a lot of our closest friends through aLBoP! <3 And seriously, it never gets old seeing how everyone’s face matches the way they think so completely.

4)    Wait.  Sorry, this is the no-fun part 😛 We’ve been trying to stay on top of typings more quickly, but aLBoP is a big project with many moving parts, and even though we’re starting to delegate the load, it’s still just the two of us, Calise and Justin, doing the typings, which sometimes means they have to take a temporary backseat to other aspects of aLBoP.

5)    Receive your Personalized Typing package by email!  Thank you so much, and we hope it helps!

6)    Dance!  Or party, or do whatever to celebrate.  We hope you’re excited to read all about the cognition of whoever you got typed!

If you don’t feel like dancing because you don’t like the typing you received, then we really hope you’ll take another look at how that type really works. Due to the personal time investment involved in typings, we’re sorry but we cannot offer refunds unless we’re unable to fulfill your typing.

There are ugly, false stereotypes about every cognitive type, but real cognition is far more complex than that! It’s a reliable, repeatable, awesome science, but that means we can’t just give people whichever type they may want. We’d hate to waste your time and ours by giving you a typing without you learning what that type even means.

We feel a personal connection with everyone we type. It’s a really sweet and personal thing, seeing somebody’s deepest desires and fears reflected in the structure of their face! But that makes it hurt all the more, when people with whom we’ve shared our time and love choose to hold onto popular simplifications about the type we give them, ignoring everything we’ve taken so much effort to explain.

7)    So yes, instead, dance! We’re so excited for you to learn more about how you and others think, what you desire most and how to overcome even your deepest fears! There’s always tons more aLBoP to come, with new posts, character spotlights, and everything unfolding over on Phase 2! We’re so excited and really pretty honored to be able to go on this journey with you! <3