Let me introduce to you the most archetypal tale that has been played throughout the ages; a sweeping epic with sixteen protagonists; sixteen larger-than-life heroes that are each unique in purpose, style, thought and action and, like old friends, we would feel incomplete without any one.  Each has their own treacherous journey to travail as they endeavor to stay true to themselves and not be overcome by the choices and obstacles that get in their way.

Why in fiction, which is ultimately a pursuit of truth quantified, do teams of specialized individuals crop up everywhere?  In fantasy novels, superhero films, heist plots and fairy dolls; from color-coded Power Rangers to quirky sitcom characters; we love to see how different people interact and move in their own unique ways.

If you look at the Geekery board on Pinterest it becomes quickly apparent that the number one thing people like to geek about is Characters.  Fanfiction is a genre based almost entirely around “what would my favorite character do if placed in this circumstance we never got to see.”  We love to quantify people, it’s humanity’s way of enjoying each other.  And while an over-simplistic analysis of others can quickly lead to labeling and limiting what others are *allowed* to do or be; if we instead are able to view the sixteen personality types as our favorite characters in a story we’ve heard since we were young, we can see the potential we and all around us truly have.

These sixteen heroes are the potential in all of us; the warriors of nobility, truth, courage and adventure which lie so often dormant within us.  Which one is deep inside you, just waiting to be called upon?

INFJ – The Paladin
ISFJ – The Knight
INTJ – The Dragon
ISTJ – The Sentinel

ENFJ – The Veteran
ESFJ – The Cavalry
ENTJ – The Crusader
ESTJ – The Cannon

ENFP – The Standard-Bearer
ESFP – The Morale-Officer
ENTP – The Swashbuckler
ESTP – The Spartan

INFP – The Ranger
ISFP – The Explorer
INTP – The Alchemist
ISTP – The Weapons Specialist

These are grouped by purpose.  IJs, with their innate understanding of sweeping principle go forward whether or not anyone is following them, elegant weapons of a higher purpose.  EJs, with their determination and understanding of actions through the ages, lead the charge into battle… just don’t get in their way!  EPs are all about the motivations of individuals; they know just how great people are or can be and so they love to hold up the torch and say, “Hey I’m awesome!  You can be too!”  IPs are the great question askers; they listen to their detail-whispering to understand what information they’re lacking and are able to plot the course to victory or say, “Hey guys… there was a turn back there…”

Actually, in the course of writing this series, I’ve really had to come to a new understanding of each type.  That’s been awesome for the types I didn’t understand as thoroughly… but it’s also taking me longer to write those ones.  In return for your patience, I shall offer you an in-depth look on the unique drive, context and mission of each type.

The future of your story is up to you; don’t you think it’s time you knew the characters?

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