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At the Beginning | January Thank You Video

We filmed this on our 9th Wedding Anniversary (which was actually January 19th).  Thank you all for being such a huge part of “Never dreaming how our dreams would come true” 💖

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Halloween Chubby Bunny ~ October Patreon Thank You Video

Chubby Bunny and expanding marshmallow peeps, in costume!  And maybe even some singing…

Uh, pretend this was uploaded on Halloween 😉  We filmed it on the 31st, but weren’t able to get it all edited until the 1st 😛  Don’t forget to leave your favorite aLBoP quote and a video suggestion in the comments, please!! 😀

The web versions of the COGs (Cognition Orientation Guidebooks) are available here.

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Much love,
<3 Calise and Justin


Elsa and Aladdin Give Each Other Advice – Belated January Thank You Video

In typical aLBoP fashion, this video turned out much later, much longer and much sillier than anticipated.  The requested video was Queen Elsa from Frozen and Aladdin giving each other advice… and well, you can see the rest.



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Much love,

<3 Calise and Justin

December Thank You Video – “My Eyes” Duet

Happy New Years everybody!!!  We thought we’d squeeze in the December Patreon “Thank You!” Video… an hour before the new year hits here.  lol

Love this song from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, plus some updates and bloopers!  Thank you guys for *everything* and an amazing year!!  We love you so much!!!
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Happy 2016 guys!! <3

Thank You Video: Beyonce Cover …and Interpretive Dance

Finally!  The first of many “Thank you!” videos!!!  This one was as requested by the lovely Anh… except I sing and lose my voice and Justin… busts a move…  Please enjoy and please believe I can sing better than this!

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<3 Calise + Justin, her INFJ

Facial Typing Preview

First peek at facial typing as demonstrated by A Little Bit of Personality. So much more to come! Happy 2015!!

Give a Little Personality: A Gift Guide by Type


Give a Little Personality
A Gift Guide by Type

Merry Christmas everyone!  Or whatever you celebrate 😉  Better late than never and as requested, we have a handy little guide for giving gifts according to personality!

Rather than a specific list of individual items, we thought it would be of more value to share with you the principles of what motivates each type and the trends we’ve noticed about what each personality enjoys!  So then this will be useful all year round and not just two days before Christmas 😛

This is our first hybrid post (woo-hoo!) with both a video and written portion (mid-term flashback *shiver*).  Watch the video for our full in-depth versions of what we think each type would like and why (with the option to skip forward 😉 It’s a pretty long video), and check out the summaries and full-sized pics below for each type at-a-glance!


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Q&A Quickie: ENTPs and INTPs

Tips for an ENTP about communicating with an INTP, and tips for Perceivers in general.  (Along with a bunch of other stuff about N/S, Type Specializations… and Halo ;))

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!

Q&A Quickie: Letter Combinations

Travel back in time to Halloween to hear Vanellope von Schweetz and Mal Reynolds answer the question, “How do personality typing letter combinations work?”

Q&A Quickie: Behavioral vs. Cognitive Psychology

Another very frequently asked question, today on Q&A Quickies we look at the difference between behaviors and cognition in psychology and examine the bird on my shirt.

We’re loving your questions and I’ve been hard at work on Group Dynamics: The Avengers!  (I have to say, the video is looking pretty sweeet :D)  Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

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