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aLBoP a Scam? Drama, Scandal, Ooh Ahh!

Once upon a time, last winter, we moved A Little Bit of Personality to WordPress from Blogger. It was a long, tedious process with a lot of formatting (which on some posts I’m still not pleased with). The site was down for almost a month. All the urls changed, even though I went through and made redirects for as many as I could.  And all our Google+ comments got removed (which honestly was part of the point of moving platforms.  It was being an annoying system).

All this led to the complex set of algorithms which is Google Search to be very confused as to what was important on aLBoP.  When you Googled aLBoP or A Little Bit of Personality, suddenly it was trying to give search results of random image links and obscure posts, instead of things people really wanted to find, such as Type Specializations, the Super Simple Series or Type Heroes.

It also didn’t help that we were working on other aspects of aLBoP and life in general, so posting has been a slow game all year.  As I understand it, Google prioritizes frequent posting, as well as Google+ shares (nepotism 😜 lol), neither of which were in our favor anymore.

But this also meant that non-aLBoP links, especially from popular sites, suddenly came up much earlier in search results.  One in particular, with the most click-bait-y subject line ever, notably rose to the first page of search results right away: a forum thread with the subject line “A Little Bit of Personality Blog: Is it a scam or did I overreact?”

Well if the promise of a scam won’t get people to listen to you, I don’t know what will.  Talk about the most buzzwordy word possible lol. Continue reading

Bloopers Video to Celebrate 4 Years of aLBoP!

Last week marked four years of A Little Bit of Personality, so to celebrate we decided to share a goofy behind the scenes look at our very first video, made three years ago! The filming process took twelve hours straight, with a lot of sweat, a little bit of tears, and a lot of silly outtakes. Here are our favorites.

Thank you guys for everything you do! aLBoP is made worthwhile by you guys, and we seriously couldn’t ask for better friends than the ones we’ve found through this amazing journey ❤️

See the original video here.

Music credits:
Locally Sourced – Jason Farnham
Sunny –
Dance –
Pop Danthology 2012 – Daniel Kim
Funny Song –
Ukelele –
Clap and Yell –

At the Beginning | January Thank You Video

We filmed this on our 9th Wedding Anniversary (which was actually January 19th).  Thank you all for being such a huge part of “Never dreaming how our dreams would come true” 💖

aLBoP on Patreon.

The New Phase 2

The new WordPress version of Phase 2 is live!!  *Dance Party!*

We couldn’t wait to re release these tools that can help you understand, quantify and grow in every area of your life, taking the tools from aLBoP you’ve learned about cognition and appreciating all Types of Information, and being able to apply them in entirely new and complex ways.

We’re so excited for the new streamlined version of the entire Phase 2 Intro and its accompanying forum, which you can sign up for, entirely automated!  So no more waiting for Calise and Justin to get on it 😛  ( Our sincere apologies to those who asked for an invite to old Phase 2 and never received it because we were getting ready for the transition. <3)

And when you’ve gotten to read and internalize all the Intro content, then there’s the ongoing full Phase 2 site and forum that you can apply to from the Intro site!

But there’s so much to read and so much to talk about!!  So head over to the Phase 2 Intro site and get yourself self-invited to read the content!  We can’t wait to see you there!!

So much love,

<3 Calise and Justin

Sparkly New aLBoP!

Omigosh guys!  Look look look!!!  aLBoP’s all sparkly and new and WordPressy!!  Oooh, ahhh, wow!! O_O

And it only took… -_- okay it took a long time.  Way longer than I anticipated.  But it seems we had way outgrown Blogger… like two years ago. 😛  We were trying to make a blog format, intended for family vacation pics and pictures of people’s dogs, viable as a full-fledged website format.  Not that blogs can’t be professional. 😉  But I had done an insane amount of jury-rigging to make the COGs, etc. look like professional pages on our poor little outdated Blogger aLBoP.

So when I used the Blogger importer thingy for WordPress, it did save me tons of effort.  Well, compared to retyping the posts myself 😛  But every link had to be updated and 90% of the posts were FUGLY!  *Scream!*  It was so terrifying and overwhelming (and some of the less visited posts might still be nasty looking, I make no promises.)  But we did it!

Between Justin combing every single post and making sure every link was updated (there are 84 posts, FYI, and if anyone needs a bulk URL updater for WordPress, we have one to recommend, because going live would have been literally impossible without it!), and me going through all the major posts *and* 192 COG pages one by one to be sure they were pretty and not full of nasty spacing and picture issues, we finally did it, but we’re pretty well wiped. *tired face*

But… I love it!!!  I love how the new start page looks!  I love how the new contact page looks!  I love the new pics I made for the Type Me! page (all of those today, as a matter of fact :P)!  I love the header and the fact that I figured out all by myself how to change the html so that there aren’t little grey boxes around all the images.  I love the new sidebar blurb and I *really* love the drop down menu at the top!  *Melt*  I love it all!  And even though it took way longer than I anticipated, I really am so proud and I really do feel like it was worth it. <3

Okay, so going forward!  I’m gonna bullet-point these…

  • If you’re waiting on a Typing you already ordered, thank you so much for being patient!  I feel like it would be foolhardy to promise when we’re going to get all caught up, because of the holidays, but we haven’t forgotten and it’s at the top of my aLBoP to-do list!  That’s why it’s the first bullet-point lol 😉
  • “Guaranteed Major Posts” for November, December and January, that you guys earned as a group through your Patreon contributions, will all be coming in January (is the plan anyway).  Feedback from you guys said it was okay to count web versions of the COGs as October’s, which I much appreciate, but I’m very excited for the new stuff we have planned for the new year.  One of the first ones planned is actually Super Simple 1.5 (to go between Part 1 and Part 2… obviously lol) as a more thorough look at the Four Types of Information and differentiating them from each other.  Actually, if you have unresolved questions about the 4Toi, please go leave them on SS:P1, and I’ll try and incorporate them into SS:P1.5 if I can! 😀  Also, we’re really really excited for a new intro to aLBoP video we have planned that we’d love to make one of the January posts, if you guys are cool with that.  It should be a really cool way to introduce new people to aLBoP!
  • Phase 2:  Like we said in the last thank you video, we’re moving Phase 2 and the Forum to WordPress as well, and actually separating it into two parts.  There will be a Phase 2 Intro site and Intro Forum, that has a similar self-invite system to the one we already had in place, for people to read the Phase 2 Intro, get their bearings and ask questions, etc.  But then there will also be a separate main Phase 2 site and Phase 2 Forum for people who are ready for more content after the Intro and other intro-ish posts.  We’re really excited for this, and think it’ll help everyone get the content and attention they need for where they are in the learning process.  We’re also using it as an opportunity to delegate to people we really trust to handle a lot of people’s initial questions about the intro, so Justin and I can spend our efforts on producing new content, rather than answering FAQs on what’s already there.
  • So, because of all this ^, we’re a) not extending new invites to Phase 2 atm and b) going to be working hard on getting the new Phase 2 and Phase 2 Intro sites live.  But with all the time and effort that getting “Phase 1″—as we call this, main aLBoP website lol—live, I am absurdly behind on my Christmas preparations.  Like seriously, I have a ton of DIYs I haven’t even *started* yet! :O  So you might not be able to expect any of that stuff until we get a chance to work on stuff after the holidays.  I mean, we tend to work on stuff on weekends and holidays anyway lol, but we would like to get the chance to spend time with family and, you know, sleep once in awhile. 😉

But seriously guys, I feel like aLBoP is mine again, in a way that I haven’t in a really long time.  I mean aLBoP and all its phases has been the most fulfilling project of my lifetime, but over time I felt like I spent so much time defending everything that aLBoP is, that I wasn’t able to just stretch out and play in the party that is humanity, anymore, which to me is what aLBoP is really all about.  I feel like I can make it about that again, finally. <3

As the holidays and end of the year are approaching, I want to take this opportunity to tell you guys that even when I don’t get to say it, *you* are what make aLBoP a joy to me.  aLBoP has given me many of the most precious relationships I have.  I can’t tell you guys how much I’ve missed everyone on the Forum lately, and how often I think of you all.  I would say individual names but I don’t want to embarrass anyone on the internet lol 😉  Besides, there are so many more of you than I could count anyway!  And I’m sure more of you than I know personally.  But know that your love and support has bolstered me through every hard (and insanely tedious, the past month :P) time, and that I could never do any of this without you guys!  I only hope that I can lift and strengthen you guys as much as you have lifted and strengthened me!

That’s my goal for 2017(:O!), to spend it working on things that will help as many of you as possible, reach new heights and new happiness by understanding yourself and your own potential, more than ever before!  #SquadGoals!  Can I pull that phrase off?  Doubtful. ;P Ah well.

Enjoy the new site organization!  OH!!!  And don’t forget to update your Pins/bookmarks, etc!  Eventually I’ll change all my Pinterest urls, but that is a project for another day. 😛  And leave me new comments if you’re so inclined! 😀  Bittersweetly, all the old ones were lost in the move although I still have *all* of them saved in my email, because that’s how I roll 😉 <3

Merry Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, Life Day, or whate’re you celebrate!

Love you guys a bazillion!

<3 Calise

Moving to WordPress, Excuse the Dust

So we’re *finally* making the big move to!!  This should be exciting for not only the main aLBoP site, with hopefully a better layout, better comment section, etc. in the near future, but also for Phase 2 and the Forum, which will be incorporated into subdomains here on instead of Blogspot, etc. (And it will abolish the 100 person private site cap that Blogger has for some dumb reason *eyeroll* that made us make a Phase 2 and 2a 😛 )

Lots of good changes coming!  But in the meantime, the site might go down at some point, hopefully not for long, as we intend to change both our domain registrar and site editor, in one fell swoop… hopefully. 😛  So no fear if the website goes down!  If you have an outstanding typing or anything, none of that is changing so don’t worry!

Our hope is that these change will give aLBoP renewed life and energy, reorganizing so we can put more focus and time into giving you guys the content and attention that brought you here in the first place. 😀

Thank you guys for the amazing 3.5 years we’ve had so far, we’re excited for the ones to come to be even better!  We love you guys so much and thanks for all the awesome support!!

Much love,
<3 Calise and Justin

Halloween Chubby Bunny ~ October Patreon Thank You Video

Chubby Bunny and expanding marshmallow peeps, in costume!  And maybe even some singing…

Uh, pretend this was uploaded on Halloween 😉  We filmed it on the 31st, but weren’t able to get it all edited until the 1st 😛  Don’t forget to leave your favorite aLBoP quote and a video suggestion in the comments, please!! 😀

The web versions of the COGs (Cognition Orientation Guidebooks) are available here.

Click here to learn more about becoming an aLBoP Patron!

Much love,
<3 Calise and Justin


Elsa and Aladdin Give Each Other Advice – Belated January Thank You Video

In typical aLBoP fashion, this video turned out much later, much longer and much sillier than anticipated.  The requested video was Queen Elsa from Frozen and Aladdin giving each other advice… and well, you can see the rest.



Click here to learn more about becoming an aLBoP Patron.  Click here for more on Anakin Angst.  And don’t forget to give us more video suggestions and desktop wallpaper suggestions!!!


Much love,

<3 Calise and Justin

December Thank You Video – “My Eyes” Duet

Happy New Years everybody!!!  We thought we’d squeeze in the December Patreon “Thank You!” Video… an hour before the new year hits here.  lol

Love this song from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, plus some updates and bloopers!  Thank you guys for *everything* and an amazing year!!  We love you so much!!!
And don’t forget to leave us suggestions for future videos and desktop wallpapers!  If you’d like to support A Little Bit of Personality on Patreon (or just look at how our group rewards are coming along), click here.  Every little bit helps and we have almost reached the “Guaranteed Major Post” monthly tier (for Super Simple Series, Type Heroes, etc.)!  Seriously amazing, guys! <3 <3  Thank you, times a billion!

Happy 2016 guys!! <3

aLBoP Phase 2 Launch!!

{Update 1/6/17: We’ve now moved Phase 2 to WordPress and you can sign up for a self-invite right on the Phase 2 Intro site!!}

You guys!  It’s here!!  Ohmygosh, we’re so excited!!

We’ve been teasing it since February, writing the intro since last August, and eagerly waiting to share the content since 2009!  That’s right, we’ve been dying to share this stuff with you since long before aLBoP was even a little personality dream <3  And now, it’s ready!  It’s really ready!!

Ahem.  Yeah, you can tell we’re kinda excited 😉

What is Phase 2 and why has it taken so much of our time, energy, and gallons and gallons of love?

Since the day we started aLBoP, it’s been our mission to help you understand yourself and those around you, so that you can feel safe and free seeing how awesome people can be.  Through swatting stereotypes and showing how you can be a hero in your own unique way, we’ve worked to raise your expectations of yourself and everyone in a way that gives you hope that people can be more than culture tells us, and that science is just a matter of letting rock-awesome reality speak for itself!

aLBoP Phase 2 takes all that a great leap further, giving you a whole new arsenal of tools to be the person *you* want to be, not someone else, to pursue *your* dreams and ideals and make them happen, and to make your life what you’ve always known it can be.

And on top of all that, there’s the forum!  The Official aLBoP Forum, where you guys can all meet each other, share stuff, discuss anything and everything, and plot world domination together!  There are so many of you who feel alone, like it’s hard to find other cool people in the world.  But since there are so many of you, we’re so excited to see you finally get to know each other!

(Update: Hotmail users seem to be having trouble signing into the forum without creating a gmail account, but one of you mentioned a workaround, so if you need help, let us know!)

To make Phase 2 a safer place where you can freely talk about anything you want, we’re using a self-invite system.  This is to prevent people from ruining your discussions by wandering in, skimming a little, and leaving unhelpful comments.  This way, you know that everyone else on Phase 2 cares about this stuff, at least enough to fill out a form and see what it’s about!

So yay!  Forum and a boatload of all-new Phase 2 content, with even more on the way!  So go ahead, fill out the form below with the email you want to use on Phase 2 (for customizing your forum avatar and all that), and we’ll send you your invite!  You’ll get two invitation emails, one for Phase 2, and one to participate in the forum there.  Got that?  Two emails.  Good?

Once you get the invites, you can see the forum and all the Phase 2 content at

(Update again! So…because we hit the limit on the number of people who can privately view a blogger site, we’ve temporarily created a clone site for all new invitees:  The clone site lets you view everything the same, and you’ll have access to the same forum with everyone else, you’ll just use a different url)

So go ahead and submit that form!  We can’t wait to see you there!! <3


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