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aLBoP a Scam? Drama, Scandal, Ooh Ahh!

Once upon a time, last winter, we moved A Little Bit of Personality to WordPress from Blogger. It was a long, tedious process with a lot of formatting (which on some posts I’m still not pleased with). The site was down for almost a month. All the urls changed, even though I went through and made redirects for as many as I could.  And all our Google+ comments got removed (which honestly was part of the point of moving platforms.  It was being an annoying system).

All this led to the complex set of algorithms which is Google Search to be very confused as to what was important on aLBoP.  When you Googled aLBoP or A Little Bit of Personality, suddenly it was trying to give search results of random image links and obscure posts, instead of things people really wanted to find, such as Type Specializations, the Super Simple Series or Type Heroes.

It also didn’t help that we were working on other aspects of aLBoP and life in general, so posting has been a slow game all year.  As I understand it, Google prioritizes frequent posting, as well as Google+ shares (nepotism 😜 lol), neither of which were in our favor anymore.

But this also meant that non-aLBoP links, especially from popular sites, suddenly came up much earlier in search results.  One in particular, with the most click-bait-y subject line ever, notably rose to the first page of search results right away: a forum thread with the subject line “A Little Bit of Personality Blog: Is it a scam or did I overreact?”

Well if the promise of a scam won’t get people to listen to you, I don’t know what will.  Talk about the most buzzwordy word possible lol. Continue reading

It’s Coming…

There’s something coming… {Insert Jaws music here}
It’s the big thing you’ve all been waiting for… {Insert summer blockbuster music}
And it’s all for *you!!* {Insert cheesy game show music}
With the educationalism of a show with puppets, and accessibility that may make many “How to Draw” books hang their heads in shame… {Insert “Learning is Fun!” music)
And all with the aim of making *you* feel like you don’t need to have a cape (or be like someone else) to be a hero.  And this is exactly the real-life applicable guide you need to do it! 😉
What we used to attempt to cover in our Personalized Personality PDFs has now had an extreme makeover (I never watched that show, did it have music?) and has now been transformed into our insanely longer, incomparably more in-depth Cognitive Orientation Guidebooks or COGs (Spoiler alert: we tried for the cool acronym ;D) — 16 distinctive eBooks with more info than ever before on the following:

–  E vs. I
–  P vs. J
–  First and Last letter combinations
–  N vs. S
–  F vs. T
–  Middle Letter combinations
–  Each type’s unique Cognition Steps
–  Type Specializations
–  Type Angsts (including all *8* that haven’t been released yet!!)
All in an easy to understand, this-leads-to-that format 😀  Are you excited yet?  I hope so!!  It’s been such a labor of love… for you guys! <3  We’re so proud to be *about* to release our babies into the world!!  Soon.  So soon!  I’m not kidding, all the words are done (160,000 of them :-O), I just have some pictures to finish!
Just to get you a little more stoked, here’s the first two pages of INFP – The Ranger:
So get ready, and before you know it… {Insert creepy little girl whispering “It’s here!”}
Much love,
<3 Calise and Justin, her INFJ

Alphanumeric Typing: Intro

Update – April 2, 2015:  I’m adding a needed disclaimer that this article was posted for April Fools’ Day, 2015.  It is an intended parody of the all-too-common pseudoscience found in the field of personality typing.  Though I worked hard to make it dry, I honestly thought everyone would be able to tell it was a joke by how over the top it was, but I think it drives my point home that much harder that *many* people took it seriously.  These are attitudes found throughout psychology.  They’re dangerous, horrendously abusive to individuals’ sense of self-worth, let alone blatantly unscientific.  I’m sorry if my attempt to roll my eyes came far too close to the truth. (But we really are writing the Modular Personalized Typings and Cognition: The Super Simple Version!  That was legit ;)) ~
<3 Calise

Hi everyone!  I’m super excited for what I have to share with you today, even though as we’ve been hard at work on the Modular Personalized Typings (which, as with pretty much everything on aLBoP, are turning out way more in-depth, long and detailed than previously expected ;)), and so I only have time to give you a brief intro to Alphanumeric Typing, which is sure to require many posts in the future!  As you guys know, here on aLBoP we’re always looking for new ways to understand the human mind, as well as listening to you in order to find new ways to help you understand yourself and everyone around you!  Alphanumeric Typing is no different, and I think you’ll appreciate its elegance and simplicity that anyone can understand!

One complaint we hear a lot on aLBoP is that the letters are too confusing.  Though we’ve tried to simplify this problem with posts like What Do All These Letters Mean Anyway?, The Cognition Process in Stick Figures and Cognition: The Super Simple Version (that I am currently writing), there are still issues with reading comprehension or complaints of TL;DR (Too long; didn’t read).  To help this problem, we (my INFJ and I) have come up with an easy Alphanumeric system since, let’s face it, numbers are easier to understand than letters.
Innovative Alphanumeric System!

Now this part couldn’t be easier; it’s amazing how formulaic the human mind can really be.  Each letter has a simple number value, based solely on its position in the English alphabet, so this method is open to anyone who knows the alphabet!  Imagine the world opened to kindergarteners and adults alike!  In case you hadn’t already guessed, this is based on a straightforward system of A=1, B=2, etc., as follows:

·         E = 5
·         I = 9
·         N = 14
·         S = 19
·         T = 20
·         F = 6
·         P = 16
·         J = 10

As the order of the alphabet is very important and not at all arbitrary, we can see how this shows the significance and worth of each letter in isolation.

Therefore T (Thinking) is the most valuable personality variable, followed closely by S (Sensing).  This should really be a given anyway, as everyone seems to already know those personality traits are more important anyway! 🙂

More surprisingly though, as it is more often taken for granted, is the value of P (Perceiving), as the alphabet clearly states its worth over J (Judging), but perhaps this is an archaic holdover as J was the last letter added to the alphabet, it may have formerly been given more credence than it deserved.

It should be pointed out that in this system, discrepancy of letters accounts for more value than the letter’s value on its own.  For example, E (Extraversion) is worth the least at 5, but since its opposite, I (Introversion), is only worth 9, Extraversion is only slightly less worthwhile.  However F (Feeling) has the highest discrepancy, with T = 20 being worth 14 more than F = 6.  Therefore Feeling is obviously the least valuable personality variable.

Alphanumeric Combinations

When we bring together these combinations of letters, we can now understand the individual types in a way we never could before; by ranking them each numerically!

I thought the types might simply be ranked alphabetically, but the brilliance of this system, with each letter having an individual value, is that it gets rid of the old conventions of left-to-right thinking and takes each letter according to its own merit.

·         ISTP = 64
·         ESTP = 60
·         INTP = 59
·         ISTJ = 58
·         ENTP = 55
·         ESTJ = 54
·         INTJ = 53
·         ISFP = 50
·         ENTJ = 49
·         ESFP = 46
·         INFP = 45
·         ISFJ = 44
·         ENFP = 41
·         ESFJ = 40
·         INFJ = 39
·         ENFJ = 35

From this we see that ISTP is the best, but honestly, didn’t we already know that?

As this demonstrates, scientifically, in general terms Feelers are of less worth than Thinkers, with the rare exception of ENTJ, who seems to have gotten the short end of the Thinking gene stick, coming even below one of the Feeling types.  But don’t worry, we still need the Feelers for things like taking care of puppies and being walked over like doormats!

On a personal note, I think I should point out that I am okay being the fifth from the top.  After all, not everyone can be the best. 😉
I hope this has been a helpful peek at exciting things to come!  This is just a glimpse of what typing systems like Alphanumeric Typing can do for you!  Oh, and if you’re new to the site, or just reading this after the first of April, you may want to check out Type Specializations:What Makes My Type Special? for a little different look at the value of different people and different types of cognition 🙂

Much love,

<3 Calise

Give a Little Personality: A Gift Guide by Type


Give a Little Personality
A Gift Guide by Type

Merry Christmas everyone!  Or whatever you celebrate 😉  Better late than never and as requested, we have a handy little guide for giving gifts according to personality!

Rather than a specific list of individual items, we thought it would be of more value to share with you the principles of what motivates each type and the trends we’ve noticed about what each personality enjoys!  So then this will be useful all year round and not just two days before Christmas 😛

This is our first hybrid post (woo-hoo!) with both a video and written portion (mid-term flashback *shiver*).  Watch the video for our full in-depth versions of what we think each type would like and why (with the option to skip forward 😉 It’s a pretty long video), and check out the summaries and full-sized pics below for each type at-a-glance!


Continue reading

A Follow-Up to “A Call to Action”

A follow-up to this post.

Thank you guys soooo so much!  I am so grateful to all of you who have reached out to us with love and concern and showed us just how much aLBoP means to you!!  Wow!  I’m overwhelmed with how loving and active so many of you have been!  The response has been tremendous, and while I so appreciate the monetary sacrifices so many of you have made in the last two days, I equally appreciate those who have come forward and said, “I can’t give money, but what can I do?”
Several of you, though, were hurt by feeling like maybe I was too harsh when a lot of you had had good reasons for not giving to aLBoP.  From not knowing that there even was a donate option, or where to find it, to your own financial struggles, many of you had good, well-intentioned reasons for not giving before.  While I’m truly sorry if you were hurt by the post on Wednesday, here are my reasons for posting what I did.  This is adapted from my comment response on a friend’s website who talked about how Wednesday’s post made her feel.  After I wrote it, my INFJ said it was exactly what all of you needed to hear 🙂 ~
“…That being said, even though my post hurt you, doesn’t mean it was the wrong move for me to write it and post it. I’ve gotten several responses from sweet people like you, assuming that the post was a knee-jerk response to the hurt I was feeling, rather than a calculated move that I had to work up to, that was very hard for me to stand up and do.  I’m an ENTP and it’s much easier for me to make a joke and laugh off what I’m doing as just a clever little project, than it is to acknowledge the scope of what I’m trying to accomplish. This is really hard to type at the moment! 🙂
But I need to own up to the fact that it had really gotten that bad. That the voices of the sweet people who loved aLBoP were getting drowned by the words, attitudes and actions of the loud, entitled crowd who had a personal investment in pretending aLBoP was no different than any mbti website that wants to pigeon hole people for their own enmity-filled validation.  And I truly wasn’t sure that any of you sweet people were really going to do anything about it.  I wasn’t exaggerating the doubt I had that the purpose of aLBoP was *ever * going to work.  Lack of donations just seemed like a tragic symbol to me of how little people were willing to act…
…It’s not about aLBoP as a website. Yes, if I’m going to continue (which I am), it’d be nice to be able to afford our own mortgage without help, eventually, but that’s not the point.  We’re trying to gather people who are willing to take action, change, and stand up, so that together we can actually do something to fix this culture.  We’re trying to enable the people who already want to do wonderful things in this world, but feel stopped by their own weaknesses and insecurities, or feel like the opposition to try is just too much, or those who want to do something, but just don’t know what.
You obviously want to do great things, but feel like there are distinct blockages in your way, and on top of that it seems like you have doubts about what you could do that would really make any difference anyway.  I believe that there are so many good people who want to really do real heroic things to change the world around us for the better, but most people believe that in the end, efforts to change the world end up rather futile.  And honestly, when uncoordinated and without perspective, most of them are.  But with the right tools to change oneself first, they don’t have to be futile.
I see so much depression in good people—people who so deserve to feel happy—and though I know the chemicals coursing through their bodies are real and so powerful, that doesn’t mean there is nothing to be done psychologically.  I see amazing people like ENFP Robin Williams, who spent their whole lives helping people, just to feel like their whole life’s work was futile, what with all the #*-% in this world.  And I think, ‘I can fix that!  I know how!’  People just have to be willing to listen, act and apply, which is never an easy feat.  Changing is hard.  Looking at the baggage deep within you is hard!
But if people are just willing to try, just willing to put forth the effort, even when it’s scary to step out into the darkness, then we can actually do something to fix the world!  Something that will actually work!  I’ve seen the principles work in my own life and others’ and I know I can help other people with them too.

Sorry, that was long (you guys are used to that from me ;)).  But those are the reasons I thought it was worth it to shock people into action.  I’m sorry if *you* didn’t need it and it hurt you that I thought you did.  But know that some people, possibly many, did…”

A Call to Action

This might be the final post on aLBoP.  I don’t want it to be.  I haven’t even finished the basic intro stuff, I haven’t done half the Type Heroes, and I have so many entire new series of posts waiting to be unveiled, which I haven’t even gotten to touch yet!  But since I already know all this stuff, what’s the point in sharing it if no one really wants to hear it, use it, and go forward and benefit from it?  If you’re not willing to take action to use what I give you, then what on earth am I doing?
Hundreds of emails, hundreds of comments, thousands of repins and hundreds of thousands of site views… but not $1 in aLBoP donations.  Of the hundreds of people who have left wonderful comments, I have an awfully hard time believing not one of them could spare $1 for a website they claim to love.  It makes me so happy to receive your sweet comments and emails, and I’ve felt so terrible for not yet getting back to most of you, but it’s been hard to prioritize it when not one of you has been willing to put action behind your words.  It makes me feel used, and it certainly makes me feel like very few of you, if any, are really willing to take action to apply anything I share.  If you can’t take the simple action of showing even a measly sprinkling of love for aLBoP, then what clearer message do I need?  And if you can’t or won’t take the simple action of showing genuine gratitude and support by taking advantage of a straightforward, fun, rewards-based, simple-as-paypal donation system, then how can I possibly expect you to take the far more complex and painful action of applying the principles of cognitive psychology in your lives?
I really appreciate the people who bought $50 Personalized Typings that included the $25 donation as part of the package, but I don’t recall a single one getting sold before the other price tiers were sold out.  My INFJ and I have been working out a new way of making Personalized Typings much faster and easier for us to produce while further increasing the quality for you, and we were really excited to roll it out, but then we wondered why we should bother.  If no one is willing to take any action, then does it really help to give them a detailed description of their own personal cognition as it applies to their own personal struggles and questions?  I’ve been looking at this really cool website, Patreon, that I was thinking would be perfect for helping aLBoP continue and even grow!  But then I remembered, if you guys won’t even donate one dollar as a little sprinkling of love for aLBoP, then you certainly wouldn’t lift a finger for something as normal as Patreon.
If aLBoP isn’t being of any use to you, then I have other people and other endeavors that could use my time and attention.  You guys know I’m not doing this for money.  I would be pretty imbecilic if I were.  And I’m not doing it because it’s “what I love” either.  Yes, I love writing about human potential (it’s my Type Specialization, after all), but I love doing a lot of things.  I could have happily gone into interior, industrial or graphic design, film or teaching (all of which pay *way* more than this does, even at entry levels) or I would have been happy to just become a mom, which you really shouldn’t do when you can’t afford groceries.  I’m a smart, tough cookie; I could have found happiness and success doing pretty much anything.
But I believed people could change.  I believed that if you gave willing people the right tools, they could change themselves, unlimit their own potential, change their culture and in turn be able to change the world.  And I had the tools, and I’ve seen them work.  I thought that was worth my sacrifice.  Helping people become heroes seemed like a pretty worthy cause to me.
But that was back when I thought people took action, that at least when it came to something that could make them more happy and effective than they’d ever been in their lives, maybe—just maybe—they’d put their money where their mouths were.  aLBoP had its first little birthday in April, and that was when we started to realize just how much it didn’t seem to be working.  No one had shown any inclination to take any action.  Words are cheap, and sweet comments hurt doubly when I feel like you didn’t really mean them, like you were just being nice but didn’t really care enough to do anything.  But my INFJ cheered me up, we reassessed our plans, and worked on ways to find those of you who might be a cut above the norm, because we knew you were there.  And part of me still hopes you are.
The INTP Alchemist has been waiting for months to be posted.  My INFJ’s awesome Avengers gif has been sitting on his computer, happily looping over and over, waiting for the post that I planned out ages ago, complete with its awesome vid and music.  The science and documentation of Facial Typing makes me want to just throw it all at you right now, in all its glory and predictive exactness…but then, why?  All of these things that I love and care about so much have had to be less and less of a priority.  I thought I was being able to help you, but I can’t help you if you aren’t willing to take action and apply any of it.
Over and over, people ask what books they can read to find more information about Type Specializations, The Four Types of Information, Cognition Steps, Paradoxitype, and so on.  The answer?  None.  I’m giving you things that you can’t find anywhere else.  I’m clearing up the confusion caused by people who mistake behaviorism for cognition, who mistake social inclination for introversion or extraversion, and who snidely imply that some types are smarter, more practical, or more useful than others.  I’ve never charged any sort of premium admission fee for this information, and if I do continue aLBoP, all this information will continue to be free.  It’s not about money or even donations; it’s about your loud and clear message that you are not willing to take action.
If you prefer to show your support for aLBoP by sending in a video of you doing a happy dance rather than sending in a donation, then at least that shows me that you’re willing to take initiative and actually take action!  I just want you guys to care, because if not, then don’t you agree that I should pack up and move along?  Caring isn’t easy.  Anyone can claim to care, and it costs them no effort at all.  But when it comes to taking action, to showing how much you care by doing something about it, that’s when I see how much you really care.  Not even a single sprinkling of love for aLBoP?  Message received.
I’m aware that trying to get people to improve their lives from the inside is a fairly thankless job (it certainly has been for the last 7 years –> understatement) and I’m okay with that.  But if aLBoP is not being of use to any of you, then it’s simply poor prioritizing for me to keep it up.  I still believe there are people out there who want this stuff.  Who are willing and excited to become something more than our crap-bag culture would imply they could be; who want the truth even when it hurts; who will actually do something.  I’ve met some of them, though they’re few and far-between, so I know they exist.
And speaking of culture, I really don’t blame you guys for not taking action.  Well, I don’t blame you much.  This culture trains us to be passive and listen and do what we’re told, and never take initiative on our own.  That’s a big part of what my INFJ talked about in the Scientific Method videos that almost no one even clicked on.  (Do you need any more proof that the Scientific Method is dead?)  Most modern cultures train people to sit still and wait for the mysterious “someone else” to take action.  But no one is going to apply this information to your life for you.  The fact that not one of you has taken action to donate at all, the fact that you either don’t care at all, or don’t care enough to not depend on Mr. Someone Else to do it instead of you, shows that you’re not prepared to take action to apply this information to yourselves either.
I have my fingers crossed that there are enough of you who will go, “Oops!”  Who had no idea you were falling into the culture’s trap of waiting for Someone Else to show love for aLBoP, and who really didn’t mean any harm.  If even a few of you are like that, then I’ll adapt everything else to those few.  There’s just sooooo much more I wanted to say!  I hadn’t even finished the basic beginning stuff.  I really loved connecting with so many of you.  I just want that to have been real.
I know all of you can be so great, so awesome and heroic and amazing!  I know you have so frickin’ much potential in you!  And I know that not everyone is going to be willing to act on that, but I just didn’t think it was going to be nobody at all.  At the moment, it’s really hard to believe that any of you are ever going to do anything, so why should I keep going?  I get so excited when you guys get excited!  Every sincere comment means so much to me!  But now I wonder if any of it was more than just comments, just easy words that didn’t cost you anything at all.  I wish I could share everything with you guys.  I wish I had an audience who was ready.  Part of me still hopes I do.


If it turns out that some of you come forward and prove me wrong, then I kinda feel guilty for making you feel sorry.  But then, you really should be sorry.  This has really sucked, these past few months.  I used to love it when you guys would tell me you’re waiting for more, but recently it’s just made me sad because not one of you has shown any willingness whatsoever to do a single thing to make more posts possible.  It was all gonna be so much fun.  We were gonna be friends.  You guys ask such great questions, I get so excited to answer them, but will it even make any difference in your lives if I do?  I was excited to explain more, to clarify more, and I’ll deal with mean people all day long if it means I have friends I can help.  I know you can do it, I know you can apply all of aLBoP and everything I’m still waiting to write, there’s so much I know you can be!  And that’s the greatest tragedy of all.

Update 12:00 pm: A good friend pointed out to me that some people may never have seen the aLBoP donation page or even known that the help was needed.  If this is the case for you, I’m sorry if I didn’t make the link accessible or obvious enough.  Honestly I thought it would bother people if it was even there, because there were derogatory comments before about the idea of our even having a donation system.  In my attempt to make it as unobtrusive as possible, I may have made it harder to help.

Here is the “Support aLBoP” page, usually nestled under the “Get More aLBoP!” tab.

Update 12:15 pm: And as always, it’s the sweetest people who fear the most that I’m displeased with them.  Thank you to everyone who has responded already, you don’t even know how much you’ve lifted me up with all the wonderful things you’ve said.  I hoped you guys were out there, and I know that good people are almost always the quietest online, but I seriously was not expecting that you guys could make me feel this much better this quickly :’)  That’s not to say that the sense of entitlement has not been a real problem, but if you’re sad wondering if I was talking about you, then probably I wasn’t 😉  Thank you thank you thank you, you guys rock so much!

Oh, and you guys don’t have to donate in order to show that you care!  If you’re not in a financial place where you can do that, I don’t want you to hurt yourself in order to show you care about us and aLBoP!  Action doesn’t have to be money.  Just seeing that you want to act on how much you care makes all the difference!

Update 9/5/14:  Here’s a follow-up post 🙂

Comment Response: The Differences (and Similarities) Between ENTP Men and ENTP Women

I haven’t done a comment response post in a while.  I usually just comment back to the person individually, or answer their question in a Q&A, but I when Cody asked me the following question, I started responding and this post ran away from me, in the best way ;D  There is just soooo much to talk about on this subject, and what I’ve written here is just the tip of a large and beautiful iceberg.

Cody asked:
So question for you, what is the difference in your opinion, between an entp male and entp female?

Thanks Cody!  This is an excellent question!  And actually one that I could write posts on forever 😀  There are endless things I could say about the differences in male and female versions of *every* type!  I *love* gender; it’s actually one of my favorite topics ever… which goes along perfectly with your question!
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Why There Weren’t Any Posts in April

So there weren’t any posts in April.  Not one.  Not a Type Angst or a blog update, and certainly not Type Heroes: INTP – The Alchemist, or Group Dynamics: The Avengers, which I said in the Live Q&A I wanted to post in April.  Nope.

Now, until last week, the hundreds of drafts I wrote of this post in my head were all apologies.  “I am sooo sorry I didn’t post the things I said I would!  I am sooo sorry you had to wait!  I am sooo sorry I haven’t responded to everyone!!  I am sooo sorry I suck at life!!!!”  All those drafts were full of excuses too.  “I was organizing my house” (which I was), “I was reorganizing the blog” (which, doesn’t it look lovely?), “There were personal and family issues” (true also, and those happen), “I was having multiple nervous breakdowns” (eh, also true).  But all of those were excuses; not because they weren’t valid and real claims on my time, because they were, but because all of those things were just excuses in my life for me to ignore the real reason I didn’t want to write.

And oh, how pissed I was at myself that I didn’t want to write!  Here I was, at the end of March, coming down from this insane blog high; we had just finished our first Live Q&A, that was amazing!  Everyone was so supportive and loving and awesome about it!  We were finishing up our first wave of Personalized Typings and there were so many of you begging for us to release more (and we haven’t forgotten you!  I just hope you still want them…).  I was getting daily emails from amazing readers gushing about how they’d never read anything quite like aLBoP.  It was humbling and often brought me… well, I was going to say to tears, but I’m more of a can’t-stop-smiling-till-my-face-hurts when I’m touched, type person.  So when everything seemed to be going perfectly, just what I’d always wanted, then why couldn’t I write?  Why would I seek out other activities and “responsibilities” to *avoid* writing?

I could write about all the myriad of possibilities I considered these past two months for what *could* have been the problem, but that would take a long time lol.  It’s amazing how many possibilities with merit an ENTP can come up with in two months.  But, while some of them were useful in their own ways, and I learned a lot about myself this past while, none of them were the root cause behind why I was dreading pulling up Blogger.

The real reason?  I was sick of MBTI culture.
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Is This Thing On?

Hey all!

This is Justin, “Calise’s INFJ” 😉  It’s a little weird writing on here, but it’s cool!  Calisey’s exhausted so I volunteered to throw out a little update to let you know that she’s eager to get back to you all on your emails and comments, and she will!  First, tho, she’s taking care of a few prerequisites.

See, there’ve really been only two kinds of emails she’s been getting.  The first, and decidedly the most numerous type, have been so real and personal, and they’ve really made her day.  It’s gotten her so excited when people have said, in essence, “Wait, so you’re saying I really can be type XYZB?  How can I be an E, I’m not social!  How can I be a J, I’m not organized!  You’re saying that’s okay?  You’re saying I don’t have to listen to the mean little things people say about my letters?  My type can really be that heroic?  Psychology doesn’t have to limit me?”
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What Type Am I?

One of the most common questions I receive (along with the other questions in the header) when people find out about the work I do in personality typing is, “So… how do I know what type *I* am?”

A very valid question.  How can you be happy with the way your mind works, understand its natural strengths and weaknesses and find your personality type’s unique place in the world if you don’t know what your personality type is?
Well, one option would be to take a test, either “official” or otherwise, but some are more reliable than others.  If a test relies on your social habits, what your cultural background deems a worthy use of your thoughts or if it makes some types sound wildly more positive than others, get out that salt-lick and administer some grains.  Since studying type theory this in depth I’ve taken a few tests.  I’m always amazed how many of them feature leading questions.  Sometimes I find myself answering differently from the way I know the test *wants* me to answer, just to spite the darn thing, rejecting the entire premise of many of the questions.  Even when I was trying to be cooperative, one told me I was an ENFJ… If I were an ENFJ I’d have a lot more filter on my mouth, a lot less innuendo in my head and I probably wouldn’t have spent hours of my life researching possible ways to dye plastic bags (for the record I still haven’t found a way).  If the type you tested as doesn’t seem to fit with the way you cognate, don’t be afraid to explore different options.  Even if you do feel like the results fit, explore all the options anyway.  You may be surprised what unexpected type fits you even  *better* and helps you feel all the more like you don’t need to be someone else in order to be valid, useful and able to effectively take in the world in your own unique way. 🙂
Which brings us to the second option; to know and understand the types really well and match yourself with the type that fits you best.  I personally think this is a good idea.  Sure, you have to be honest with yourself, but you have to do that to get accurate test results anyway.  Recommended reading to get a grasp on the types:

*Updated!  Definitions of the letters, common misconceptions and what makes personality typing awesome!
*Highly* recommended as an intro to personality typing.  An in-depth look at how each type thinks, which is really the core of personality typing.  Also, it has cute stick figures, which makes everything better! 😀
An in-depth look at each type as the heroes (and villains) they can be,with a myriad of examples.  Because of the in-depth nature of these posts, this series is on-going and they’re not all up yet.
The paradoxical, unexpected side of personality that lies beneath the surface of every type.  An essential part of understanding the complexity of human beings and the way they think.
Yes, I like to make up words.  Yes, this is one of them.  We liked it better than “paratype” which apparently a way to classify birds or something.
And, you know, stick around and read up.  I haven’t even begun to write all I have to say about people, their complexity and the way they think… it’s a little overwhelming honestly 😉
The final option (well, I guess there are probably other options; you could flip four coins for example.  I’m sure someone mathy could give you the odds of that actually being accurate…), is to ask me about it.  I’m bright, capable, charming and I love your attention 😀  You don’t have to fill out any kind of questionnaire and you don’t have to already have a good bead on what type you are.  Just drop me a comment somewhere on the blog or an email and tell me a little about yourself (nothing too personal required) and I’ll give you a straight-forward response on what type I think you are and why, or ask you for more information about what’s important to you and the way you think so I can more accurately type you.
Cost to you?  Nothing!  At least at the moment; if I get overwhelmed with requests for this, I may have to charge something, just for my time and to weed out trolls, but for the moment this service is absolutely free! 😀  I would be happy to type you so you can get started on your epic journey of self-discovery!

**Update: Turns out we were overwhelmed with requests, almost right away!  It’s awesome that so many of you want to know and understand your personality types, and we want to help!  There are multiple price tiers and you can get all the deets here.

Want more personalized advice about how to work with your personality type?  Want help working with your personal strengths and weaknesses and appreciating what makes you special?  Having trouble understanding or getting along with someone of a different personality? (I feel like I should insert as-seen-on-tv music and magic sound effects here)  Well, I can help with that!  Send me an email and tell me about anything you want typing advice on–aka anything about people… which is pretty much anything 😉
Cost of this special, personal attention wrapped in my lovingly typed embrace?  Well, it depends, honestly, on the amount of time and attention it’ll require me.  And what I think is reasonable for you and your circumstances.  I’m not going to say “hey your life sucks extra so pay me more.”  And if you can’t pay anything, email me anyway because I’m a pretty nice gal and we can talk about you sharing my blog with all your friends or something 😉  But I do put indescribable amounts of effort and pretty much all my time into this blog, so if you can afford it, I’m going to ask for some reasonable compensation in return for personal advice, which is *going* to be helpful.
Want help and advice on an on-going basis?  Great!  We can work something out and I would be honored to help you with what’s important to *you* and helping you feel valuable in every area of your life and fulfill my ENTP purpose of helping individuals reach their full and special potential!
Drop me a line and I’d be happy to help!  Be sure to include whether or not you’re okay with me sharing your message anonymously along with my response so we can help other people who may be struggling with personality, just like you.

aLittleBitofPersonality (at) gmail (dot) com
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