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Elsa and Aladdin Give Each Other Advice – Belated January Thank You Video

In typical aLBoP fashion, this video turned out much later, much longer and much sillier than anticipated.  The requested video was Queen Elsa from Frozen and Aladdin giving each other advice… and well, you can see the rest.



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Typing Tutorial (plus Character Spotlight!)

Hey!  This is Justin!  Since I’m gonna be doing a lot of Phase 2, it’s probably good for me to say hi.  It’s been awesome getting to talk to you guys over chats and emails, and I’m excited to finally get to do some character spotlights!

For this first one, we’re going to be focusing especially on how to type people.  A lot of you have asked for help with typing people yourselves, so let’s walk through the process!

We’ve also convinced a couple of stick people, Gwen and Phil, to sacrifice their dignity and show us how *not* to type.  They’re going to do their best to type correctly, using oversimplified, stereotypical methods and definitions, and we’ll see how they do.


For this tutorial, we wanted to type a cool, engaging character who’s also kinda obscure.  That way, we shouldn’t have to worry much about preconceptions of the character’s type.  We wouldn’t want to start out with Darth Vader, say.  (We’ve seen Lord Vader typed as pretty much every single type :P)

That’s exactly the sort of subjectivity that we’re excited to get past here!  Regardless of whether we’re typing someone’s behavior or their cognition, if it all ends up coming down to subjective arguments over what type they are, then there’s something wrong with our methodology.  A reliable, repeatable, useful science needs to be objective, no matter who’s looking at it.

This kind of independent objectivity isn’t something a lot of people would associate with personality typing.  All too often, personality typing gets misused as a vague, horoscope-ish way of boiling people down to a simplistic little list of traits that could really be true of almost anyone.  Gwen and Phil are gonna demonstrate how this vagueness doesn’t work.  Aren’t you, guys?

We, on the other hand, are all going to show these two the consistent roots of cognitive typing.  We’re going to walk through how the cognitive definitions of the letters leave no wiggle room for subjective fudging; once we know how the letters work at their root, then every typing becomes clear.

So who’s our lucky, obscure victim for this demonstration?  Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I give you…

…a peacock.

But not just any peacock.  This is the nefarious Lord Shen, the brilliant and, in my estimation, very charming villain of Kung Fu Panda 2.  Yes, there really is a movie called Kung Fu Panda, if you didn’t know.  Two of them, actually, with a third on the way.  And they’re really fantastic, with excellent themes told in a skillful way, and very good plot structure, and also very pretty.  Continue reading

Personalized Typing: Mr. Darcy and the New Email System


{Insert fanfare here!}  You asked and we’re delivering!  The new and improved, customized *just for you*, aLBoP Personalized Typing System!!!  Now *you* can get personally typed according to the typing principles found throughout A Little Bit of Personality, and get personalized advice on how to apply things like Paradoxitype, Cognition Steps, Type Specializations, and how to be a Hero in your own unique way to *you* in your own life, with your own unique talents and struggles.  Pretty cool, no?

{Update: Due to lots of wonderful demand, the aLBoP Personalized Typing system has been updated!  Find all the details here!  Now, instead of Personalized Personality PDFs, we have made the universally applicable Cognitive Orientation Guidebooks (COGs), and then if you want to chat about how your cognition applies to you personally, you can chat on the forums  So feel free to read ahead and especially to read our personalized help for Mr. Darcy, but just be aware of the new system. :)}

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Comment Response: Of INFJs, Principles of Typing and Characters that *POP*

The other day, I got a fantastic comment on Type Heroes: INFJ – The Paladin by a cool INFJ named Match.  In addition to comments about liking the blog in general, he brought up some great questions about why I typed some of the characters in the INFJ collage the way I did.  Because it was a fantastic and well thought out comment, I thought it deserved a well thought out response.  I started typing and this behemoth came out.  Rather than try and fit it into like 50 comments all broken up, which would end up feeling like I was spamming everyone on my own blog -_-, I decided to turn it into a post that might set the precedent for future response posts that deserve this kind of care and attention.

I hope you really wanted that reply you asked for, Match 😀

Intro and Principles of Typing 

Okay, important things first: Match is a really cool name!  Can I just say that?

Also, I’m *so* happy you’re enjoying the blog!  The things you said about Hercules Syndrome and the stick figure post make me feel giddy 😀  This is exactly why I write and it thrills me to know it’s working and that I’m touching individual people.  That’s really my purpose as an ENTP, helping people see their own individual potential and know how to reach for it; helping people be awesome in their own unique ways 🙂

You brought up really excellent points about those individual characters.  I also *loved* what you said about people making personality typing about cut-and-paste horoscopes!  I couldn’t agree more.  I think the one principle I’d like to bring up before going into specific character typings is that, while you’re obviously looking past the surface of types and I can tell you don’t type shallowly at all, it’s important to remember that personality types are a measure of the way a person *thinks* which ends up resulting in their actions, but *isn’t* their actions.  I know you know that principle, but it’s easy to forget that when other people are judging by the surface.  It’s easy to forget that two people may make the *exact same* decision for *entirely* different reasons.  Make sense?
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The Personalities of Marble Hornets

Today I have for you a typing that is particularly special to me.  Not only is Marble Hornets my very favorite webseries ever, but it is in fact one of my favorite things to watch ever.  I have to say right now, I’ve never liked horror before in my life.  Why is Marble Hornets different?  It’s all about personality.
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A.I. Typed: Robots and Their Personality

Androids, computers, robots; call them what you will, they’re all A.I., artificial intelligence.  Though the messages their stories tell may vary, throughout the years bots have won our hearts, made us laugh, made us think and freaked the crap out of us.  Their quest to be a little more human represents humanity’s quest to be even more than that.  This is a salute to both A.I. and humanity in all its varied hues.
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Disney Typed: Hades



“We dance, we kiss, we schmooze, we carry on, we go home happy. What do you say? Come on.”

“I’ve got 24 hours to get rid of this bozo, or the entire scheme I’ve been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke, and you are wearing his merchandise?!?”

It takes a special individual to have buggy yellow eyes, spiky teeth and flame hair and still be able to bring sexy back.  This is Hades, Lord of the Dead.  Hi, how ya doin’?   Is it any surprise that Hercules’s Hades is my favorite Disney villain?

There were just too many good Hades quotes so I had to narrow them down to my favorites.  Though they aren’t nearly so smooth if not read in James Woods’s voice.  Apparently before he came to the part, Hades was just menacing; not wise-cracking and quick on the draw.
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Disney Typed: Megara


“I’m a big tough girl. I tie my own sandals and everything.”

“I thought my heart had learned its lesson.  It feels so good when you start out.
My head is screaming get a grip, girl!
Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out…”


I love Megara from Disney’s Hercules.  She’s dynamic, clever, well drawn and the closest thing to a Disney princess ENTP girls are ever going to get.  Eh, we’re one of the rarest female types so we’ll get over it.*  Plus, she’s awesome!  So yay.

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Disney Typed: Hercules



“I have often dreamed of a far off place,
where a great warm welcome will be waiting for me
and the crowds will cheer when they see my face and the voice keeps saying,
‘This is where I’m meant to be.'”

“I want to become a hero, a true hero.”

Disney’s Hercules is one of my favorite characters to reference when helping people understand INFJ’s, because he’s just *such* a classic example.  He typifies an INFJ archetype which I love so accurately, I call it Hercules Syndrome… as of right now.  Seriously, I just named it.

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